Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back on the Beach

Happy September everyone. It’s prime hurricane season and the Atlantic is active with Danielle, Earl and Fiona. This morning a mandatory evacuation of visitors in Kitty Hawk, NC was given by the mayor, and if we were there we would have been gone by now. Now that we are renting our home in Florida, it is a concern even more if a hurricane decides to come that way. We are in Florida for the winter this year, but next year, we may not be, and I will worry. I’m good at worrying. I get it from my mom. It doesn’t do any good to worry, we all told her, just be as prepared as possible. Worse case scenarios run through my brain all the time. I figure two things: if I think of the worst thing, it won’t happen, and if it did, it was meant to for some reason. So I cover my bases.

I actually got to the pool for a swim yesterday while Gary was picking up Mesa. It was cool and refreshing and I did a few laps for exercise just like I used to do. The humidity was so low last night, we opened all the windows in the coach and had a cool breeze blow all evening. The train at 6:15 woke us up for a minute, but we fell asleep again soon after.

We met the assistant manager, Harry, yesterday who loved talking about his trip to Alaska. It sounds absolutely fascinating and we can’t wait to go. The ALCAN Hwy is finished, but we still won’t take our coach to some of the more remote areas because of the roads. We’ll see what we can do. We just need to get things going here: Gary’s treatment and getting a job. We will be going on our recon mission tomorrow to check out winter CGs near Kissimmee before they all fill up.

Today, I got my haircut by my old hairdresser who was surprised to see me again after 5 months. She did a good job I think. Gary dropped me off while he went to get his CT scan and then came and picked me up. We visited some old neighbors until 6:30 and then popped over to the grocery store for some dinner to take to Lido Beach for the sunset. This was a photo from the Ringling Bridge going over. The water was perfect and there were tons of people there even being a Wednesday school night. Ahh, but up north school doesn't start till after Labor Day, so that explains it. It was so good to wiggle our toes in the pure white sand again. I must have come from the sea because I love it so.

Till tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful Hair....Beautiful sunset......Now about the "visiting Old Neighbors" part !!!!!!!!!!!!!!