Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I haven’t blogged in a couple of days. We’re drowning here. It has rained non-stop since Sunday evening. The Myakka River is in danger of flooding being 4 inches below a 1996 flood record. Oh, joy. We are far enough away as to not be affected, but there are plenty of deep puddles we have to drive through. I know, I know. “Don’t drown – turn around!” If there were any THAT deep, even with our big wheels, we would not be stupid.

The sunny day was Sunday morning when we headed to our storage units to put a few things in – believe it or not – and take a few things out. Putting Gary’s long-sleeved shirts in was easy, finding things that we needed to take out, was NOT. We climbed all over stuff to find necessities, and only managed to discover a few. The bikes and carrier were easy. We had planned to take those on our original departure, but I knew that the northeast was not flat, and that we probably wouldn’t use them as much as on flat ground. We stored them at the last minute. So they were easy to extricate. The bike carrier was bought for the Ford Escape, so we had to be creative to attach it to the Jeep securely. We did it, and stopped at the Red Barn Flea Market on the way home. Gary is in there somewhere. Yes, that's the front of the jeep.

We got a tarp and lots of veggies and fruit, Gary got his golf club re-gripped, and a pair of readers for a bargain! Love this place.

It began to sprinkle on the way, so when we pulled into our ‘driveway’, we noticed Tasha’s legs sticking out under the curtain. A dog, she is not. If she wants to greet you, she will. Most of the time she ignores us. Wonderful pet. Really.

Monday we woke up to clouds and rain, so decided to do our Walt Disney World applications . In the middle of Gary’s we received a call from my daughter, Michelle. She was in the hospital because Henry (baby in utero) decided he’d like to arrive early. Much tooooo early. He’s only 30 weeks, so the doctor was planning to try a contraction-stopping drug (I forget the name) and Brian wanted to be there with her. We waiting until we could see out the window for the thunderstorm going by, then jumped in the Jeep and drove to St. Pete. We got a really wonderful greeting from our three grandchildren and Brian, then he left. We had a great evening with the kids, having so much fun that we kept them up way past their bedtime. Oooo, bad grandma. Michelle was released from the hospital arriving home at 9:30. The kids were excited to see her, and all went upstairs to bed. We promised to come back the next day.

Today we had breakfast and headed up to St. Pete. Michelle had a list of chores to accomplish, so Gary and I drove her around enjoying Graham’s (3) antics. Tomorrow we will go up to do some manual labor as she really should be resting. It’s good to have a purpose to get up out of bed again. It seems as though we are totally helping others this year. It feels good.

Gary had his lab work done on Monday, and sees the Dr on Friday. I will keep you all informed. We love our little campsite, but have not had a moment to meet any other campers. Now, if it would just stop raining!

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