Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bella's Bath

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, but I didn’t see much of it. I spent all day on the internet planning when and where we were going to be for the rest of the month. And I DID it. We have a place to lay our heads until September 20! We’re very excited about our place in Florida called Frog Creek RV Park. We are planning to be there for a month starting Aug. 20. If the weather cooperates, we shall! Check out the website and come visit if you’re around!

I needed to get out, so I tended the tree stump fire for a little bit. There are no more stumps to burn, just a few limbs. I got it going nice and hot, but it was all gone in about 30 minutes. Oh, well. I don’t know if I’ll ever have to tend a fire that big again, so what do you think? Should it go on my resume???

Today (Wednesday) we needed to wash Bella. The sun was in and out, but it sure was humid. Here we are with the long tools we needed. We carry them around with us. Tomorrow morning we will WAX her. Oh, boy. She already looks beautiful, but with her chrome polish and tire shiner, she will look brand new!

We tried our new magnets with the tire covers and they work simply and beautifully, if I do say so myself. I wonder if other RVers do this? It’s so easy. Maybe it won’t work down the road. Of course, we take them off when we drive. We’ll see.

We got cleaned up and headed out to Walmart and lunch. We worked up an appetite, and the last time we visited the Shaker Café, it was jammed. This is the cutest café in the middle of Flemington. It’s called the Shaker Café because all the walls inside are lined with salt and pepper shakers. Even the tables are cool. Our table had Truck Trading cards. Yep. Semi tractor trailers. Others were covered with bottle caps or labels from bottles. And the food is GOOD.

We puttered around a little, making lists of things that we wanted to get done before Sunday departure day. Friday will be fun – we are being thrown a going-away party by the Lounsburys in Liberty Corner (where I went to grade school). I graduated High School with Dave Lounsbury’s sister, Linda, and I hope she is there. The rest of the guest list is a surprise.

Well, we’re going to collapse now. Tomorrow we get to do it all over again. But we are looking forward to hitting the road again!

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