Monday, August 9, 2010

A Couple of Tears

Sunday blossomed into a sunny, warm, humid day and we had a few more details to finish before we left our little spot in the NJ countryside. I wanted to take a look at the Jeep’s window washer tank to determine what was making it leak out all the fluid. I fixed it.
Gary Rain-X’d the windshield and side windows, I washed the birdfeeders and put them away. Fortunately we didn’t acquire too many things in NJ, so packing wasn’t a monumental task. There were lots of things we would have liked to keep as souvenirs, but we had a budget to keep in mind, and of course, there was the weight and space issue. We like to buy things we can eat. Of course, that means space and weight issues, too.

Bob, Rosie and her grand-daughter Aryn were headed to the Rock-A-Billy concert on Jugtown Mountain in NW New Jersey and needed to leave around 11 am. But before that, Aryn wanted a Manual Transmission Lesson. She has her permit at 17 and is in line to get her license, but really wants to learn how to shift. Here is Bob giving her (and Molly) a lesson in the 1929 Ford pickup. How many teens can say they learned on one of those? Molly had to ride IN the truck, so Bob rode on the running board. Then Rosie hopped on. A Kodak moment.
They had to leave, so we gave hugs and kisses (only a couple of tears) and off they went. Gary and I finished packing, and checking our departure lists. Soon we were ready, but there was no one to take our photo (and of course, in all the excitement to miss the hanging wires in the driveway and anticipating a fallen tree in the road up ahead, we forgot to do it ourselves). But it was OK, we made it onto Highway 78 without incident. About an hour later, we turned off at our exit, drove into the campground and got our spot – the same one as last time! Ugh oh, there was someone already in it. A quick call and we parked a couple spots down. It was 94 degrees and humid as a jungle, but we got out to level. No luck. We loved everyone looking at us while we attempted over and over to get the jacks to stay down. Another call to the office, and we moved spots again a few more down. She leveled in 5 minutes. Whew. Oh, no! When Gary backed into the spot, I forgot about the space for the slides to open. We made it within 6 inches. Immediately, we marked a piece of string the width of the slide to measure if in another tight spot. Tasha was very agitated standing at the steps meowing. It turns out that she had needed to go to the bathroom – really badly. Since her potty travels in the shower, and I hadn’t gotten around to opening that yet, she had to go somewhere – and that somewhere was, unfortunately, on our bed. Poor thing. So I cleaned up the messy part, ripped off the duvet cover, the duvet (down – of course and unwashable), sheets, mattress cover and headed over to the laundry. In between meeting our neighbors – from Florida – I ran up to the laundry four times. The duvet would have to be cleaned, and we would need a facility with onsite cleaning, or it wouldn’t be ready by our departure date. Sheeesh. Gary grilled some salmon and we were asleep when our heads touched the pillow.
Today, our plan was to recon the location of the Alison transmission place we were headed to tomorrow with Bella, find a cleaners, fix a drawer lock, find a post office, and get groceries. We did it all and had lunch in the small Leesport Diner – delicious and a good bargain to boot! I love diners – the shinier, the better. Such a nostalgic experience for us over-50 people. I hope the younger crowd can learn to love these pieces of history, too.
Gary griddled our pancakes and bacon outside this morning, and had on the little TV in the bay. As he was sipping his coffee, a mouse came out to watch TV with him. Hmmm. We don’t mind little mice, but they really don’t belong anywhere in our motorhome. Sorry, little guy. A little peanut butter and 10 minutes later, he was in mouse heaven.
After dinner, I took a walk over to see what four legged animals are across the field from us. There were show horses, a llama, a Shetland pony and a very funny looking burro. He was white and either fat or muscled. But he really loved the grass I fed him. And his ears were so soft.
This two legged animal was sitting outside our coach. He’s so cute, I think I’ll keep him.
We’re packing tonight to head out to Alison to probably shell out lots of greenbacks. Oh, joy. But, hey, it’s only money, right?

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