Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Time

Leaving around 9:30 was good timing. We found our way out to Route 64, a major highway and were pleasantly surprised to see hardly any traffic! It was smooth sailing until we neared Richmond, then took 288 south around the west side of the city. That was easy (and not too crowded either). We hooked onto 95 South for a little ways until the split south west onto 85. The road was pitiful and I swear Gary will have to tighten every screw in this coach to keep it together. We turned off just inside North Carolina onto Route 1 then west on 98 to our Falls Lake SP turnoff. We love going back to CGs that we know, and this one was where we saw the baby eagles when we spent 2 weeks here back in April.

We arrived around 2 pm, drove right to our site, leveled in 2 minutes, and had the awning and chairs out within 15 minutes. We drove back 20 minutes to Mandy and Joe’s house where they were planning a big BBQ – not for us, but because Joe is a duck hunter and he wanted some help from his friends stringing decoys, whatever that means. All I know was that there were ducks and geese all over the place all tied together in big baskets. The boys were doing drunk chickens on the barbie, and we had a bunch of sides. It was great seeing the kids and inlaws and Granny again, but the gates are locked at 8, so we said our goodbyes. Unfortunately, there were a lot of goodbyes to be said, and before we knew it we had 20 minutes to get inside that gate. Whew, Mesa flew. We made it on the stroke of 8, waved to the Ranger as he locked the gate behind us, and saw a few deer on the way home.

Tasha is recuperating. She stayed outside all day Saturday and today, is eating again, and is up to her old tricks. Let’s see, I think there are only a couple of lives left. It’s not busy in the park at all as school is about to start next week. We’ll be leaving on Tuesday to get to the border of NC, then two more stops and we’ll be at our month-long CG – Frog Creek. Gary has his Dr. appointments lined up and we are looking forward to staying put again and seeing more family and all our friends in Florida!

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