Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pulling Up Stakes!

This morning we made the decision to move a little further south.  I know, I know, why move south when we are trying to get up north?  Well, this campground was remanaged last month, and instead of the monthly rate going down as usual at the end of the 'season', it is going up, electric is extra.  So we called our favorite RV park in Bradenton, Paradise Lake, and it was less expensive (electric is still extra).  But we are near our house, friends and it is a little easier to get to Michelle's for work.  Tuesday is the big move.  I think it will take an hour.  I might drive it.

Since it was going to be near 90 and humid today, we wanted to try out our air conditioners.  We haven't used them since Pigeon Forge last summer.  They both cranked right up.  But in a couple of minutes, the living room one started gently rumbling which rattled things in the coach.  Not a scary rumble, but enough to get up there and look at it.  Gary didn't do anything extensive, just looked.  I got the info out of the black box to see if there was a trouble shooting guide.  Nope.  We opened up all the windows, and there is a nice breeze as it is a little cloudy today, so we'll 'suffer' until we do something about it.  Now, that wasn't on my dream board.

We washed and rain-xed all the windows outside and cleaned them inside, too.  Now Bella sparkles all over!  While Gary did the Jeep windows, I started mixing up our Green Shakes.  Into the blender went:  pineapple, watermelon, 1/2 peach, cucumber, kale, spinach, broccoli, and a splash of OJ.  I didn't think it was as good as Michelle's, but we finished it all.  Gary liked it!

I cleaned the shower while cleaning me.  Here's a tip if your glass doors just don't sparkle because of hard water or soap residue.  I use a little powdered dishwasher detergent that I borrowed from my daughter.  I was watching a Cascade commercial and realized that Cascade is supposed to make glass sheet water off and leave it spotless.  So I tried it on Michelle's shower doors and it worked!  I filled a tiny ziplock with some powder to try on our doors, and actually used it all over the walls, too.  After a really good rinse, the whole shower is shiny clean!  And no stinky fumes. 

We wandered over to the flea market for some more fresh tomatoes so Gary could make some salsa.  I picked up a Chinese hand-operated fan for a dollar.  And Gary found his Roma tomatoes so whipped up a batch of fresh salsa when we got back.  He grilled a steak with a sweet potato (probably in revenge from a liquid lunch) for dinner.  Then we watched "The Descendants" thanks to Red Box.

  Today was a calm day, as we cleaned up outside and tucked away our chairs and rug.  We ran over to Camping World for a few lightbulbs to replace the ones we have been carrying around for two years, courtesy of Bella's former owners. 

Tomorrow we ride to Sarasota for Gary's opthamologist appointment.  Hopefully he'll discover the cause of Gary's irritation.  Here's a photo of my pirate!  Arrrrgh!

Home-made pizza for dinner tonight,  and maybe some Face Time with the grands!  Life is Good!

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  1. wow didn't know that about the shower and dishwasher soap thanks for the tip..I will try it ...nice to see your pirate smiling....hope the move goes smooth