Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Between the two of us, we got Michelle's house looking good in about 4 hours, but it took until 3 am to get all the wash done.  I only know that because I couldn't sleep and decided to keep on doing the wash. Gary slept like a baby, which is so good for him.

We finished up, had breakfast at Panera and changed plans.  The fishing pole was not going to be used today.  Instead we were going "west" into Russell's Western Wear.   Our iPad told us how to get there, and we browsed the hats, boots and shirts.  They have a great selection, and an even bigger store in Brandon.  We're not ready yet to purchase anything, but we look forward to Texas next year.  Gary's itching to get on a horse.  YeeHa.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter.  I was planning to wash the coach roof, but never did get around to it.  However, Monday I was determined to get it done, and right after a quick breakfast I climbed up and went to work.  I also looked for any trouble spots, like holes, cracked caulk, separations, etc.  The only thing I noticed was a hole the size of a half-carat diamond (brilliant cut - :) and the caulking around the shower skylite really needs removing and some new applied.

 Our rubber roof is in good shape otherwise, a little discolored from trees, but mostly bright white.  I followed Howard Payne's (RV-Dreams)  directions on how to clean a rubber roof as he has one, too.  I used Mean Green diluted in my bucket, and sprayed directly on stubborn areas.  I tried Clorox Cleanup on the few discolored areas, but it only helped a little.  All in all, Bella has a clean roof.  I know I'm gonna feel all that scrubbing later.

We cleaned up and went to eat at Exit 10 at LazyDays, but it was closed, so off to Cracker Barrel.  At Exit 10 off Rte 4 (thus the name of the restaurant), LazyDays and Camping World share the same parking lot.  Well, they planned that well.  We browsed the Camping World Clearance room, and found a water pressure meter for $6.  I had been looking at those and they ran $20 (at least that was the price on the under sticker) so that was a deal.  But we did need another anode rod for our Suburban water heater.  Tomorrow we will work on that.  We did the first change last year, and this is the condition we found the rod in:

This should be 8 inches long and 1/2 inch wide at least.  Obviously, this was the first time it was ever changed.  Some water heaters don't need an anode rod, like Atwoods.  But check your manuals, because this needs to be changed on a yearly basis, maybe two if you're in a good water area for a long while. 

Tuesday we worked at Michelle's but since they were gone all weekend at the beach, it wasn't that dirty and we got to leave a little early.  Yep, I'm feeling those muscles from yesterday, so we're taking it easy this afternoon in the beautiful Florida weather. 

Gary's feeling really good and looks better and better every morning.  We're happy campers once again!


  1. So glad Gary is feeling better. Now on with the journey!
    Hope you guys are planning to join us for the Carolina Clan Reunion at Huntington Beach in Nov.

    Thanks for the reminder on the anode rod. We need to do that. It's been over a year.

  2. Gail reminded me to ask if you made a reservation at Huntington Beach. Sure hope so!! Let us know what site if you did.

    Glad to hear Gary is improving everyday. I know you two are ready to get on with other plans:o))