Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quick, Before It Rains!

Our usual work day on Thursday, and Friday began at Panera for breakfast and we did a few chores.  Saturday we were supposed to go with Michelle and the kids to Universal, but the forecast (finally) was for rain and thunderstorms.  She did text in the morning that they were going to go anyway, but by then I had made up my mind that it was perfect weather for washing and waxing Bella.  Gary wasn't too thrilled to hear that, but I convinced him that we'd only be able to do one side and one end before it began to rain.  I made him a nice breakfast and we started work at 9:30. 

Bella has two slides, both on the driver's side, so we did the easy side first.  That went quickly, so we did the front and Rain-Xed the windshield and mirrors.  It was still cool, cloudy and rain-free, so I convinced him that if he started the front driver's side I would do the entire back end. 

Two-handing it!

reaching over the canopy
It took me longer to do that than his job, so he kept on going along the top section on the ladder, so that I could catch up doing the bottom half.  Lunchtime came and went, and still no rain.  I thought I could hear thunder in the far distance, but Gary didn't hear it.  Since we couldn't reach the upper edge of Bella over the slide side, I climbed the ladder and paste-waxed the entire perimeter while Gary cleaned our towels and tidied up. 

By 2:30 we had finished and were famished and filthy.  And we definitely could hear thunder a little closer.  I grabbed a shower and began making lunch while Gary had his shower.  We settled down to a nice chicken salad lunch, and wondered if we'd ever be able to get out of bed the next day.  Eventually the heavens opened and it poured all over nice, clean Bella.  But we watched the raindrops sheet off of her and imagined her slip-streaming on the highway.  Yay, I can cross that off my spring cleaning list.  That was definitely the biggest project.  Still have to do the basement, though...

Around midnight we got some torrential downpours, thunder and lightning, but nothing severe.  Just enough noise to keep us awake.  Sunday we actually were able to get up and couldn't decide what to do today.  I did some research on our extended powertrain warranty quotes, looked up recipes and went to the store for groceries.

Off to work tomorrow because we have a special day on Tuesday.

See you then!

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  1. WOW...great job on Bella!! Can't believe you did all in one day!!!!