Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Doctor Results and Future Plans

Well, we were all excited to see Dr. G today to find out what maintenance program he had in mind for Gary.  He was pleased with the results of the radiation and all the healing during the last two weeks.  And he would like to give us something 'to go' knowing that we are full-timers.  An FDA approved (which doesn't mean a whole lot) drug called Zolinza is available.  ZOLINZA is a histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor indicated for the treatment of cutaneous manifestations in patients with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) who have progressive, persistent or recurrent disease on or following two systemic therapies.That's Gary, alright.  I Googled it when we got home to find out all about it, and it has some serious side effects.  We're meeting with two other doctors next Thursday to discuss this further.  Knowing all the ramifications of drugs is so important.  The drug adverts on TV warn against so many dangerous side effects, I wonder why people even want to take them.  But of course, each body is different, and will process drugs in its own unique way. 

So, I can't make any plans just yet.  But soon....

Tuesday was a work day at Michelle's, but Wednesday I was expected at LazyDays Driver Confidence Course Class for a day of learning how to drive Bella easily.  First we needed to attend the classroom portion, which explained the "DOT SYSTEM".  I had found this on the web over two years ago before we bought our coach and lost the website.  Couldn't find it again, and time moved on to our purchase and the salesman tossing the keys to Gary and told him to drive it.  Well, that's not the way to learn how to drive a multiple ton, house-size long vehicle from three feet in the air.  But Gary did it (thank goodness) without mishap and in the rain. 

My entire experience driving Bella was the test drive (I drove over a curb) and backing up into a parking space with nothing parked near me.  I also drove around a large campground at a rally a year and a half ago.  That's all, folks.  Now, I am not the calmest passenger.  When I know our leave date, I start hyperventilating just thinking about it.  My favorite line is "Left! Left!" when I think Gary is too close to the edge of the road.  I wish I could twitch my nose and just appear at the next spot we're camping instead of driving there.  When I think of the jams we got ourselves into (dead end, one lane bridge through 200 year old town, mountains -up and down; one lane roads with deep ditches on either side, and a head on meeting at a gas pump with a fifth wheel, to name just a few), I don't ever want to drive.  And moving this 13 ton bullet at 60 mph with others going faster around me - ha, no thanks!  But I will do it, just so in case I need to do it I will be able to do it.  Not tomorrow...soon, though.

We learned what to do in a blowout situation - step on the gas, (yes, gas) and how the dot system works.  Then I had to get behind the wheel.  Barney Alexander was our instructor, and he was so very patient with all of us.  Only three men and 8 women drove the 40' diesel bus all around the parking lot.  We were a brilliant bunch with only one of us bumping a curb. 

If you want to see the tips and tricks for yourself, check out this website: and click on Driver Confidence Course.  But if you can attend, I recommend Barney.  However, he retires in 42 days and has a huge countdown clock in his office.  Really nice guy, and I don't know who is taking his place.  By the way, the entire day is free, as is breakfast and lunch.  Anyhow, here are some photos:

listening on my headset to driver to measure front blind spot
marking the spot on the windshield
marking the turning spot for Barney
It was a fun day, I learned a lot (as did Gary) and it was free!  Great deal!

An American icon lost his lease on life today:  Dick Clark.  He gave young America a lot of fun for many years.  He will be missed.

And that wraps up the first half of the week.  Thanks for visiting us!


  1. wow Peg you sound just like me when it comes to the getting there and you I wish I could just twitch my nose and be we travelled for 10 hrs making our way of course my anxiety started yesterday...I have driven our MH (without the toad on)..and seem less nervous when behind the wheel..but figured I needed to know how just in case...maybe that course should be on my bucket list...because I'm a wreck going down the road..its not Rick's driving that worries me its everyone else...

  2. Way to go Peggy!! That is a great course. I drove Baby part of the way back from Florida and plan to drive some today to Columbia. We need to be able to handle the big rig and I think it may make us better passengers ;o))

    The dot system is great!! However, we want to find a big empty parking lot to practice the system. We need to review the web site video on dot placement. I believe we have a few dots misplace ;o((