Thursday, May 3, 2012

A New Perspective

On the way to Sarasota I gave my hair salon a ring to see if she could fit me in, and made an appointment.  We still had a little time, so stopped in at Pleasant Lake to choose a site.  The park is quite empty so we chose a pullthru near the entrance.

We didn't have to wait long for Gary's eye Dr. C, and a close look revealed rough corneas.  Some drops later, Gary was feeling better, but the best news is that they should return to normal in a couple weeks.  YAY. 

We got some gas at Sam's and headed back to Thonotosassa in order to continue packing up for our move.  While paying the electric bill, the new manager of the resort asked if we were coming back next year.  [I really hope not, as it would only be because Gary needed Moffitt again], but I asked why and she said she'd like to hire me for the office, and Gary to lead new guests into their sites.  That was nice of her! 

The weather called for 20 mph winds and rain Tuesday afternoon, so we wanted to get on the road early.  By 9:30 we were pulling into Flying J for fuel.  It was nice the prices have dipped a little lately.  Diesel was 4.09/gal and gas was 3.68.  Back on the highway for our quick 90 minute ride to Bradenton.  The lovebugs are out again, and we ran through a storm of them.  Those little critters can take the paint off your vehicle, so after we were parked we needed to wash the front of Bella and the Jeep.  They are shiny clean again, and after we were hot and soggy, a shower felt great.  We tried the A/C again, and all is well - no rumble anymore.  Here's our new spot:

Wednesday we worked at Michelle's.  We drove over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge this time and it just reminds me how beautiful this area is.  And it's only 45 minutes, instead of an hour or more.

Thursday we ran to the store before driving back to Moffitt for Gary's throat Dr. E's appointment.  He had a swallowing test first, and then Dr. E. told us the news.  Gary has a rare (here we are again) condition called Achalasia.  It needs to be treated, but none of the treatments available are easy.  So we have to make a decision by next week.

And after THAT, we will be free to go!   I hope, I hope, I hope...


  1. You two are an inspiration to me. Steve and I left Florida March 19th to begin our rving adventure. We decided to take a work camping job in Oregon for the the summer. (Couldn't get much further from Florida where we've lived all our life). We had a couple of hiccups on the way out that were aggravating but I kept thinking of all that you two go through to enjoy a "simpler" life. I pray and hope that you'll be on the road again very soon! - Joan

  2. Bella looks mighty lonely without our fifth wheel parked next to her! ;-) won't be long now!

  3. John has achalasia, too. Talk about rare -- he got it at age 27! He's had it treated 3 times, which is also pretty unusual for all the years he's had it. So sorry for Gary. It sure makes eating, drinking and general socialization a lot less fun.