Friday, April 27, 2012

A Maintenance Decision-No Go

Wednesday we worked at Michelle's on a beautiful day.  I wish we were outside more...

Thursday was Doctor day (again).  Gary had some labs done, and they flushed his port.  Then it was the big meeting between two Doctors to let us know what maintenance program they had chosen.  But first we had to wait two and a half hours. 

Finally Dr. G. came in and vetoed Zolinza (I agreed).  Basically maintenance is a crap shoot, because we are trying to prevent something that may not be there.  So, if spots don't come back, is it killing new cancer cells?  Or are there no spots because there are no cancer cells to kill?  The only way to find out is to discontinue using it, which may invite spots to appear.  Then he'll have to have more radiation, and go back on a maintenance drug. 

So we're going to try interferon, an old proven drug (subcutaneous injections) to see what happens.  Depression is the major side effect with this drug, so I'll have to keep a close eye on my patient. 

Friday we ran over to Whole Foods to get some organic veggies, fruit and bread.  Michelle gave me her old blender because a friend gave her a VitaMix food blender.  She's been preparing green smoothies for our lunches (not Gary, unfortunately) and they are delicious.  You just throw everything in and push the button.  She mixed up broccoli, swisschard, tomatoes, an apple, banana, strawberries, spinach and a little juice.  Pour over a few ice cubes in a glass, and voila!  Totally nutritious and delicious.  I have to get Gary on the bandwagon, and tomorrow is the day.

We stopped by Moffitt to pick up his interferon prescription, but they're working on the amount of the co-pay with our insurance company.  It may be an old drug, but apparently it's expensive, so we will find out maybe Monday.

Also on Monday we are going to Sarasota for an opthamology appointment suggested by Gary's other Dr. L, the radiologist.  He's been having trouble with both his eyes due to the radiation, but Dr. L believes that his right eye might have a little infection going on.  Always something. 

Anyhow, all of this means we won't be leaving for points north for another month as all the Doctors want to see what happens with this new drug.  We are accepting prayers as of Monday.  Because, if this drug works, he can be on it indefinitely and we will be able to get it anywhere and we will be able to MOVE!!!

Meanwhile, I am constantly collecting information on where we want to travel, and am so looking forward to going back to the beautiful Smokies this summer.  Tomorrow we are going to construct a "Dream Board".  All we need is a piece of tag or foam board and cutouts of words and pictures that we dream about.  Some people swear by them.  My daughter made one during her really tough divorce period to help her look to her future dreams.  She found a picture of a couple walking on a beach and used that with other things she wanted.  After she met her new husband, he asked about it, and she told him what it was.  He studied the photo of the couple and said "I know that beach - I go there on vacation sometimes".  During their courtship, he took her there and they had their own picture taken on that beach.  See?  It works!  You should try it!


  1. If it wasn't for dreams... what would life be??

    Hope you fill that board and they all come true!!!

  2. Hope the Interferon works and you can both start moving :)

    Love the idea of a dream board...hope all yours come true!