Thursday, April 5, 2012

Still Hangin' in Thonotosassa

I worked at my daughter's house on Tuesday.  I had to drive all by myself.  This is a rare occurance.  I knew the way, but I missed my driving buddy.  Crawled back into the car at 3:30 and faced an hour of traffic.  But I drove with the windows open in the Jeep - fun!

Back at home, my honey was still miserable.  This is going to take a long while to heal, apparently.

Wednesday we hung out except to run over to the hospital to pick up Gary's records.  It was a hot one today, but a cool breeze made sitting out under the awning and reading very pleasurable.  We found out that our very sweet tenants are planning to build a house which will be ready in Sept or Oct.  This is great, as we have the summer to play, and plenty of time to find new ones!  Anyone interested in a 3/2/2 in Sarasota?

Around 9 pm I thought I saw lightning out the window.  Then I heard thunder.  It rained really hard and fast for about 10 minutes, then stopped.  We really need the rain down here, and there is promise of the Texas tornado storm remnants showing up tonight, but not severe.  We didn't get the awning in fast enough last night, but we rolled it up wet.  This morning it was beautiful, so we put it out to dry.  Anytime it's over 13 mph (and especially when there are gusts) we put it in.  It's just not a risk we're willing to take.  I've seen too many awnings destroyed in just our two short years on the road.  Anyone have a favorite anemometer they use?

Good news today!  Gary and I got our jobs at Dollywood again this year.  We will be starting in the middle of July, which gives us some time to play and visit family and friends before we start.  Can't wait to see those beautiful Smokies again. 

Gary's feeling much better.  The aloe juice really helped with his mouth, and now he can look forward to getting completely better.  YAY


  1. Glad Gary is feeling better..and I envy you heading to Pigeon Forge for of my fav places...have a good week and we pray Gary continues to improve.

  2. Glad Gary is feeling better and starting to heal. He is always in our thoughts and prayers:o)

    Wow, back to the Smokies... I hope we get over that way again. It was so beautiful and so many things we never got to do.

    Enjoy your play time!!!!