Monday, April 2, 2012

Healing and Hanging Out

We have been lying low as the effects of Gary's radiation have been pretty bad.  Last Thursday we showed his Dr. the few little canker sores in his mouth.  Since then, his whole mouth is one big canker sore and swollen.  Cold soup, yogurt and ice cream are on the menu a lot.  Checking on line for some solutions, we came upon a blog from someone with similar sores.  She recommended aloe juice, so we went over to GNC for a bottle of cherry flavored juice.  The best part is that you can swallow it after swishing around for a bit.  We're expecting it will be a week before he will really start healing.  In the mean time, it's 'say YES to drugs'.

You might have noticed a couple of additions to the blog.  It took me all day yesterday to list the places we have visited.  It really isn't a review of campgrounds (which I have on a spreadsheet) but if you want some more information, I'd be glad to give you our impression and details. 

It was fun remembering all the places we've been in two years.  In fact, our two year anniversary of fulltiming was just yesterday!  I can still remember our first day out in a raging thunderstorm.  Why leave in a storm?  We had a schedule to keep to get to our first RV Dreams Rally, and so we wouldn't have to drive a long first day, we drove a couple of hours to an inbetween stop.  It was a good call, and Gary did a great job driving.  Of course, he had me in the right hand driver's seat to help. 

So much of our lives is remembering the past and looking toward the future.  We are at a calm place in our lives right now, so we're enjoying the moment. 


  1. so sorry re the canker sores..they can be pretty painful-my hubby suffers from them constantly and hes not having treatments...did you get cherry juice or aloe juice cherry flavored? Just wondering if it would work for my Rick...thanks

  2. They are painful. They can be caused by toothpaste chemicals. Try changing to a mild toothpaste? Wildberry aloe juice is what is on the menu right now. I tasted it and it's not bad. It's not working fast enough for Gary, though, poor guy. He's hanging in there, though...Thanks for your good wishes!