Friday, March 30, 2012

Last Week of Appointments

Wednesday was a laid back day.  Gary had his radiation for the last time on his face.  Just two more days to go till he gets to ring that bell!  We really didn't want to go anywhere, just putter around home.  Gary checked the batteries, and we'll empty the hot water tank to check the anode this week.

Thursday was another fabulous day in the high 80s but cloudyish so we didn't 'melt' quite so much.  Gary woke up at 6:15 for his appointment at 7 for labwork.  He came quietly back into bed, and we woke up at 8:30!  Today was the last radiation on his hand.  We met with Dr. Lavey and asked a million questions regarding a maintenance schedule and made a followup appointment in April, as we are now really trying to leave the first of May.  We'll see what the maintenance regimen will be first, however.    He's really sore all over, but is so brave.  Now he'll start healing, and his skin will be better than mine!

I did a few loads of wash, and was really tempted to wash the coach roof, but did not have enough time.  Gary grilled some salmon on the BBQ and then we watched some TV.

Friday at last, and here is Gary as a graduate ringing the bell.  Everyone applauded and wished him luck. 

From now on it's all healing and in two weeks we'll find out what maintenance will be. 

We looked at another RV park practically next door to us hoping there would be some big spaces available, and we found a couple of pull-thrus.  We checked at the office and those were available for a really good price, but we just didn't want the hassle of moving.  So I visited our office to see if they could do anything on our fee, but the new rates for April will be going up.  So we were happy to pay March rates, but will be happier to leave Florida for points north in a month. 

Just hung out this afternoon, Gary had a little nap, and is just getting better minute by minute!  Yay.

We're sure glad Moffitt Cancer Center is here for so many people, but so sad that it needs to exist at all.  Our hearts go out to anyone who has battled with cancer.  We see so many very, very sick people.  I want to find the sticker that says "Cancer Sucks" because it does.  It sure does.


  1. Glad to see Gary has finished his treatments. Sorry we missed getting together at Lazydays, but we never had a time when we had the motorhome on site and we could be there. Thought we would have a lot of free time and that didn't happend. Did you make a reservation in Nov. at Huntington Beach??

    Hope you get to head north soon and we get to see you Down the Road:o))

  2. Jim and I think of you both often....and keep Gary in prayer. We see it's been long and unpleasant for Gary and hope that now he has turned the corner, and the two of you can enjoy your dream.

  3. playing catch up on the blogs I read..glad he got to ring the bell and is getting better minute by are forever in my prayer basket...