Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hot and Cold

Happy New Year!

I hope you had more fun than we did.  We washed the Jeep, cleaned Bella inside and washed her windshield.  Then we made some homemade pizzas, got ready to go, started watching the New York scene on tv and ended up falling asleep around 10 pm.  It has been a stressful week, and we both are still getting over our colds.  Oh, well, the new year came anyway, and let's hope it's as much (or more) fun than last year.  I hope all your resolutions come true.

Sunday was supposed to be really nice, and on the spur of the moment, we decided to go to the beach.  We have been in Florida since Dec. 4, and haven't been to the beach yet.  It was time, and it was jammed.  There was hardly any traffic at all, but as soon as we got to the Ringling bridge we discovered all of Sarasota was on Lido Key.  We found parking and also discovered that the little hidden paths to the beach through the sea grass to the beach were now paved with shell, with tall columns adorned with silver starfish and night time lighting.  Well, now we know where some of our tax dollars have gone.  Yay. 

The beach was somewhat crowded, but the water was magnificent.  Too cold for me to get in above my knees, but fine for walking along for a mile enjoying the sun and breeze and turquoise water.  Gary was careful to stay out of the sun, and we both had lots of sunscreen on, so we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at the beach.

I'm glad that we had that time on Sunday, because Monday it started out warm, but got continually colder and we had to put the awnings in due to 25 mph winds.  By one o'clock, the temp had dropped to 61.  Gonna get cold tonight!  But it will only last a couple days.

Gary wanted to attend the free computer class at the clubhouse to see if the instructor might be able to help us with our computer (which I'm on right now - hooray).  Gary was the youngest in the class, and some people were there learning on their first computer.  Tom, the instructor, was curious about our problem, and offered to come see for himself.  About half an hour later, he narrowed it down to our adaptor.  We shook hands, got in the Jeep and drove to Walmart to get a new one.  (ours was a 2003 model).  TA DA!  It is working fine, so fine.  Oh, yeah.  Oh, yeah.   We're dancin'!

Here's a photo of our new spot as promised:

The winds were still picking up, so the awning and window awnings were put in.  By 7 pm we were having steady 15 mph winds with 30 mph gusts.  Bedtime was really noisy with our slide toppers flapping overhead and that woke me up at 4 am.  I thought sleeping on the couch would be quieter, but that is on a slide, too.  Tried sleeping upside down on the bed.  Too difficult to organize covers (Gary was oblivious).  Finally, I woke him up at 6 am and told him I was putting in the slide.  One minute later, I was fast asleep and slept until 10 am.  Unfortunately, that morning we had plans with Arlene and David and I felt terrible posponing our outing, but 55 degrees with high winds is not conducive to a walking tour.  We'll find a beautiful day coming up and reschedule.

Still deciding what to do, and Doctors will be a big factor in our choices.  It will come.


  1. glad to see you got the computer thing off your list..we are in avon park fl area and it was sure a chilly night here last night..was pretty good today..but dipping back down again tonight..its suppose to warm up for the weekend...hope it does in your area too!! take care

  2. We have been in SoCal since November 12th and we have been to the beach once, just for a walk. The Pacific is so cold that we do not swim in the ocean, just sit on the beach or walk along it, or walk on the piers. Love the ocean, tho. We used to live on the coast in Durban, South Africa. The Indian Ocean is warm, but also has lots of sharks. Hmmm, I seem to have said "ocean" a few too many times, but I don't know how else to say what I want to say. :-(

    Glad the computer got fixed. Hope you backup frequently.

  3. So glad to hear you got the computer fixed. It's always something. Glad that it was an easy fix finally. We would love to see you guys again real soon. Maybe we can get a warm enough weekend to get on the water somewhere. Are you planning on going to the RV show? Let us know. You have our number.