Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Checking Out RV Parks and Friends

Sunday was an absolutely perfect day, and we had planned to drive up to Thonotosassa to check out the RV park Spanish Main that Gary had found online.  He called to see if there was any room for the month of February.  After asking lots of questions of us (how long is your rig, how many slides, which side, satellite TV??) she said there was one she could fit us into.  Because Gary was a patient at Moffit, we got a price break - and what a break!  So we decided we needed to check this out.

I made some breakfast burritos and off we went up 75.  I wish we could stay at Hillsborough SP, but there are no sites consecutively available for a month's stay.  And it could be longer.

We found Spanish Main with no problem, and it is an older park, lots of permanents, trees and no one in the office.  We rode by the site we were assigned, and it was occupied, but it would be difficult to fit in there.  Driving around, we noted a couple of sites that might work on the map, and will call tomorrow.  There was another park that was one minute away (Southern Aire), and we decided to take a look. This one had some permanents along the outside roads, but not many on the interior sections.  Some big rigs were parked here, the roads were more open and there were less trees, and we found a couple of sites that would do nicely.  Their rates are about double the other park, but we're hesitant to make a reservation as we don't know our schedule yet.  At least we looked.

Since we were up in the Tampa area, we traveled over to St. Pete and dropped in on my daughter and family.  Their five kids each had a friend over, so it was pretty busy.  We hung out and enjoyed the kids, then headed home before dark.  Lots of drive time today.

Yesterday we fixed things.  Here's Gary and me fixing our Fantastic Fan.  It took about 20 minutes. 

Hello down there!

Then we worked on getting the printer up and running.  It needed a phone call, but about an hour later, it was working fine.  Then we wanted our satellite dish up and running.  We haven't needed our dish for almost a year, so a quick phone call reinstated our service, and we have satellite again.

All day we had been looking forward to seeing some friends we met for the first time in July at Camp Freightliner in Gaffney, SC.  It turns out Bob and Ann  live near where our house is in Sarasota, and since we knew we'd be in Florida, and they knew they'd be in Pigeon Forge we planned to get together.  We did while in Pigeon Forge and now that we're back in the 'hood, we had planned to meet at our old haunt, The Lazy Lobster.  For all the foodies out there:  Gary's tuna and my stuffed shrimp.

Fortunately, we had leftovers to enjoy later.  We spent the evening enjoying catching up and planning another get-together.

  We will be attending the Tampa RV show on Friday, and perhaps return on Sunday.  We're looking so forward to seeing all our RVing friends!  Hope we see you there!

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  1. what a great day you had!! We are considering the RV show just not sure yet...would love to go but we're in the sebring area..and have two little dogs..not sure we would leave them for a whole day...