Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time to Move

Saturday was a slow start, which I love.  We rolled into Panera around 9:45 and we had our bagels outside in the full sunshine.  What to do today?  How about Barnes and Noble?  We always loved hanging at Borders on the weekends way back during those working days, and we still love it.  It's a shame that Borders has gone under, but B and N is still a good alternative. 

We hung there a while, and I purchased a book on how to sell your crafts.  I love making things - almost anything - and would love to be able to make a little money with it.  Etsy is a possible site, but I have to do some more research before jumping into this.  I don't even know which craft to start up with!

Then we went to JoAnn's so Gary could get a new part for his belt.  Success there.  Off to Lenscrafters so I could try yet another brand of contacts.  (I'm getting my money out of this examination fee).  I called our property manager to find out if we had some mail, and the answer was affirmative.  So we went to collect all our Dr. bills.  I am expecting a couple of checks, but not lucky today. 

Since we are moving tomorrow, we headed back to Bella and started putting things away for a kinda early departure tomorrow.

Sunday was another beautiful day.  Low humidity, high seventies.  Gee.  We slowly got ready, planned our departure route and said good byes to our neighbors.  We hooked up the Jeep, and off we went.  One hour later, we were in Thonotosassa.  Jeff showed us to our site, and for once, we said we didn't need help.  Everytime we have had 'help' we have almost hit something, or come in crooked because Gary is trying to look at everyone at once.  It's good to have a spotter near the front, because I guide Gary from the rear with hand signals we learned from the Red Cross  ERV training course.  They work really well, and we got in our spot in one minute.  Within 60 minutes, we were leveled, hooked up, slides out and having lunch on our carpet-covered cement patio.  Ahh, our new home.
And if Blogspot picture download was working, I would add a photo of our new home, but it isn't at the moment, so I will add it another time.

 We have no idea how long we will be here as it depends on how fast Gary responds to his new treatment.  That begins on Tuesday, but tomorrow we need to drive back to Sarasota for his last chemo infusion.  Being closer to Moffit is a smart move, as it is only 20 minutes away from 'home'.

Monday - another beautiful day - was a trip to Sarasota day.  The drive only took an hour and we were 40 minutes early, so we shared a muffin in the Cancer Center's tiny cafe.  After Gary got his blood results, we visited with his Dr. and she was happy to tell us that Gary would not need his last infusion of Gemzar.  She asked us to remind the Docs at Moffit to keep her in the loop, and we made an appointment for two months from today.  The only downer is that Gary needs to stay on his blood thinner for three more months. 

Stopping at my salon to make an appointment, I was pleasantly surprised to slide into an open spot.  Gary went to get gas, and I was done before he returned!.  A quick lunch at Checkers and then we headed back up 75 to explore our new area. Finding out how long from home to Moffit and where the nearest Walmart topped our list.  Of course, the phone rang so we paid no attention to how long it took, but we did get our groceries at a Walmart. 

Once home, we had a visitor inquiring about our Jeep.  He has an Ford Escape (we sold ours) that he tows, and it does not tow very well.  It had a lot of problems, and even though he stopped every hour and ran the engine through all the gears, etc. it started smoking.  For the rest of the trip he had to put it into a rented UHaul trailer to make it the rest of the way down from Windsor, Ont., Canada.  So he wanted to know how our Jeep towed, and we talked about 30 minutes relating the towing process, and continued on chatting with each other.  Nice guy.

Tuesday dawned beautiful yet again and I did some computer work, Gary puttered and then it was time to leave for Moffit.  We tried a new route (quicker, less school traffic) and arrived a little bit early.  But we ended up waiting 45 minutes.  Once inside he was told how to do this trick, and he was exposed to PUVA for 36 SECONDS.  That's right, seconds.  Then we had to wait 10 minutes for the nurse to get off the phone, stand in line to check out (didn't need to) and get back down 6 floors to the parking garage (up two floors) into the Jeep.  Whew.  We were worn out.  LOL  Let's get happy - Panera was right there on the left - yay, late lunch. 

We had a very late dinner, and then Gary did something that I'll tell you about on Friday.  I downloaded Sudoku onto the iPad and played that until midnight, it's that addicting.  We left the windows open all night, as there's a little more humidity in the air, and we're expecting some rain on Friday for a change.

Thanks for visiting us!

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  1. wow alot of work for 36 seconds...but if the PUVA works then its worth it!!!! Now get some rest