Friday, January 13, 2012

A Little Rain

The weather forecast was calling for rain and winds today.  Gary put the awning in last night and we put everything else in except the slides as storms were acomin'.  The wind blew things around and the rain came around 1 pm.  The sun never did come out, but it didn't rain hard.  Florida needed it badly.

Relaxing day on Thursday.  We did get a call from an orthopedist to make an appointment for Gary because his MRI revealed a rotator cuff tear.  Oh, yay.  Quick trip to Walmart and over to Lakewood Ranch to a cute boutique there to purchase some baby gifts.  My niece and her husband had a baby girl and a dear friend had twin girls.  I took a long time deciding, but ultimately chose handmade crocheted hats for all of them.

Friday was Tampa RV Super Show day, and we got a good start, parked, hopped on the trolley and entered gate 1.  We meandered all over the EXPO building and met Jim Guld of Geeks on Tour.  We met Jim and his wife, Chris, at our first RV-Dreams rally in Longs, SC.  They were the couple who encouraged me to begin a blog.  And I'm very glad they did. 

Even though Gary was wearing his RV-Dreams cap, we didn't see another Dreamer until the late afternoon on our way up to the Newmar section.  Just as we got there, Bill and Nancy we passing the other way.  We recognized eachother and gave hugs.  They were very excited having sold their house this week and just purchased a new motorhome from Winnebago.  We were glad to be the first to congratulate them!  Nancy wanted to show us exactly what their new home will look like, so we walked to the Itasca Meridian.  Since they are building one just for Bill and Nancy, they could make changes to suit their tastes.  It's beautiful, and I'm sure they'll have many happy years traveling in this wonderful lifestyle! They look happy, no??

We looked around for another hour and then planned to beat the traffic home. 

Home, sweet home, that is.


  1. It was so great to see you two!! You two showed up just as we said we wish there were some RV-Dreamers around to share in our happy news. Couldn't have arrived much faster for us...Thanks;o)))

    Hope Gary continues to get well and you two can get on with doing the things you love!!

  2. wonderful that you got to meet Nancy and Bill...we contemplated driving up from Avon Park to Tampa to the show..but decided against it ..just in case we saw something we'd like to have more than the one we do have now..hope Gary continues to get well...

  3. Good luck with the rotator cuff tear. Will you have to have surgery? My hubby had one some years back and he just needed physio.

    Mike and Dee