Monday, January 16, 2012


Saturday was my early birthday party in St. Pete at my daughter, Michelle's.  It was a cool day, but pretty and I was excited to meet our son's new girlfriend.  There was a sign at the front door:  "Happy Birthday PomPom (my grandma name). 

I was pleased to meet Tracy, Tristan's new girlfriend.  What a sweetheart.  She is at Miami U in grad school for child psychology.  She even gave me a lovely scarf as a gift.  We told Tristan later that she would be on our keeper list. 
(Ignore the wierd guy)
We had a BBQ in the back yard and were so stuffed, we all went for a walk down to the water. 

We made quite a spectacle: 6 adults, 5 kids, one baby and two dogs.

Then it was time to return for CAKE!

I had to wear the birthday hat

Lauren got the honor

Chocolate - my favorite!

Henry loves chocolate, too

We all needed some exercise and headed out to the trampoline!

Soon it was time for the children to hit the hay and the grownups go out for dinner.  The babysitters came (after all, 6 kids and two dogs - I'd ask for an army) and we drove in peace and quiet up to a fabulous restaurant in Tampa called Pane Rustica.  We had great conversations and terrific food.  Thank you Brian and Michelle for a delicious dinner!  By the time we looked at the time, it was 11:30.  We finally rolled into bed around 1 am.  But it was worth every minute!

Sunday we slept in a little bit, but not much, because Tristan called and said that on their way back to Miami, they'd like to stop by and take us out for lunch.  Yay.  They arrived around 3:30 (a little late for lunch, but no complaints here), and they followed us to Panera where we had more great food and more conversation.  They wanted to make it home without too much night driving, and off they went.  We promised to try to get to Miami to visit them ASAP. 

Monday was an early day (alarm clock set at 6:30) and we were out of here at 8 am.  First the dermatologist in Tampa and when we were finished there, it was back to Sarasota for an opthamology appointment to make sure Gary's eyes were OK on the inside (they are), then off to get a dose of chemo.  We finally rolled home just after 5 pm.  Long day, but a hopeful one.  We will be starting a new treatment procedure probably next week, and therefore need to move closer to Tampa.  After his appointment, we had a few minutes to run over to Southern Aire RV Resort that we had toured last week.  We liked a particular site, and wanted to see if it was still available.  It was, so we booked it for a month.  This treatment may take more than a month, but I sure hope we can leave Florida one of these days.  This is the third year we have tried to get out west. 

Tomorrow will be an easy day - I just get to change my contacts at Lenscrafters.  Maybe I'll jazz them up a bit and get brown ones!  Nah.  Thanks for visiting! 

Me, Graham and Cake!

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  1. Well Happy Birthday to you....!!! looks like the family made it very special for you and Gary..good to see the days are 'hopeful' and that Gary's eyes are doing well. I looked for Southern Aire Resort online but maybe they don't have a website. We are planning to be in Tampa area in Feb sometime for a short stay and are searching out parks/resorts..have a super week..