Friday, January 27, 2012

Grandparents Day and a Tie

Arriving in St. Pete as MomPom and Poppy, our two young grandchildren, Graham (5) and Lauren (8) ran out to meet us.  Ahhh, I love that.  Lauren showed us the puzzle she and Graham had just finished - it was a floor puzzle, but what the heck, the island counter was big enough.

Mom was out picking up older brother, Lance and also some ribs so that Poppy could make his famous BBQ ribs for supper.  Here we are getting down and dirty:

A Sample Plate

Graham and Lance concentrating

BBQ sauce to the ears

The next day was Grandparents Day at their school, so after dinner, the kids hit the sack and the grownups watched a movie called Food Matters. What an eye opener! If you get a chance to watch this, it may change the way you look at what you put in your mouth. Of course, the cancer section made us listen up. It certainly wouldn't hurt us to eat more veggies, and eat less processed food instead.  But I don't have to give up chocolate!

It rained during the night as predicted, and 7 am came early. Everyone was up and getting ready for school. Gary and I got to Shorecrest, parked, picked up our nametags and had a fabulous continental breakfast. Then we headed over to the auditorium for a couple of class productions. We were lucky that both Lauren and Graham and their classes were chosen to perform for us. The best part was going to the classrooms where they each gave us a tour of the campus. Here we are in the Library:

On the playground 
see below

We toured around for an hour until it was time to leave at noon.  As I mentioned before, Gary had a special thing to attend to today, and he decided to wear a tie (yes, we actually have a tie in our coach) to his interview at Busch Gardens.  Totally his idea, and he told me that it went well.  We will see if they give him a call back for his choice of positions.  Busch Gardens employs part time and seasonal help, and Gary asked for a place in the back and no registers.  I'll keep you posted on that one.

Anyhow, after that we headed back to our home and we'll sleep well in our own bed tonight  (with hung-on-the-line sheets - sniff, sniff, ahhhh!).


  1. gotta love hung on the line sheets :) of my favorites...looks like a great day at school with the grands :)...good luck on the interview results...

  2. Those ribs look incredibly wonderful. Good luck for the interview.

    Mike and Dee