Friday, December 30, 2011

Moving Three Hundred Yards

Yesterday we decided to get set up in our new spot. Our big fear was would Bella start?? It's a nuisance to have to pack up everything for such a short move, but it is regular Departure Lists for both of us. We don't need stupid mistakes on top of this month's fiascos. So when we were all ready, Gary turned the key. It took about five (endless) seconds, but she started and purred all the way to the other side of the lake to our new spot.

We don't have as pretty a view of the lake, but we feel very cozy here. If our computer was working, I'd show you a photo, but that will come someday. Gary gave this spot a six and a half to seven, and could hardly wait to whip out the rug, grill and awning. All settled outside, sitting in our chairs with a cool drink...ahhh.

Since Gary got a Panera gift card for Christmas, and it was burning a hole in his pocket, today we had breakfast at - guess where. Then we visited our local Hallmark store to pick up some cards. My niece, Jennifer, and her husband just delivered a baby girl, Gabrielle, on Monday. And a former co-worker, Eric, and his wife delivered twin girls. A couple of birthdays and we were finished. It was very tempting to go after-Christmas sale shopping, but we shouldn't buy anything until next year. Oh, that's a few days away. Well, OK, I can wait that long.

There will be New Years Eve parties going on at the clubhouses, and one of the best New Year's Eve parties I have ever been to (I'm surprised to say) was last year at our winter campground in Davenport, Fl. We'll see what happens this year.

We did try to fix the washer/dryer by taking off the kick panel and cleaning the filter. It had some gunk in it, but when I threw in a small load, it washed fine, got warm, but did not dry very well. We are constantly checking the web, calling and asking other campers. I'm sure we will be able to fix this ourselves. It would really be nice to fix SOMETHING all by ourselves. Determination, grrrr.

We tried FaceTime with our iPad and our grandson, Jack's, iTouch he received for Christmas. It was really awesome! The picture was clear, just like tv and the only thing you needed to do was talk one at a time, otherwise the two cancel each other out. And it's FREE!

Any resolutions out there? Our most important one is to get the best medical care for Gary to get better. He is still improving slowly, but fast enough to notice.

That alone makes us happy campers.


  1. Our resolution is to get this house sold!! We also want your resolution to work out !! Glad to hear Gary is headed in the right direction.

    We will be in the Tampa area in mid January. Watch the blog and be sure and let us know if we are near you. We would love to see you guys!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. We love Panera Bread! before we got internet on the road, we used to go there to catch up on emails, news and blogs. Happy New Year to you!

  3. The wife and I are wishing you both the very best this New Year for Gary's health to return 100% and for Bella as well. Hopefully things work out so you don't have to sell her.

    Good luck and safe travels,

    Erik and Ronda..