Saturday, January 7, 2012

Getting Things Fixed

Thursday was a wash day and cleaning day.  We toodled around in the cool weather, but it promises to get back up near 80 soon. 

Friday was treatment day, and we were anxious to hear what the procedure plan was after the two doctors conferred.  We heard the Moffit doctor tell us that Gary would be weaned off Gemzar, but apparently not.  I'm actually kinda glad, as he is still responding so well.  Meanwhile, we didn't get any information as to how long we would be in this area, and will just have to wait to see the other doctor at the January 30th appointment.  However, I have been calling that office to see if there are any cancellations on Mondays (new patient day).  As of Friday, none available this Monday, but I will call early on Monday to check once again.

We did have dinner with our dear friend, Debbie, from the old 'hood last night.  She suggested Bogey's Bar and Grill only 3 minutes from both of us.  We spent the first 20 minutes talking so much, the waitress was getting a little impatient, so we finally ordered.  And we had a great meal! There was plenty of food, and we all took home doggy bags. Thanks, Debbie, for dinner! 

This morning Gary needed a bagel fix, so off to Panera for breakfast and some serious conversation about our immediate future.  I sure wish we knew what was going to happen 'doctor-wise' so that we could make some kind of decisions.  All we can do is put together different scenarious which include selling Bella, selling the house, buying a condo, buying a fifth-wheel, keeping Bella (I like that one best), staying in Florida for a year or two, working until absolute, total remission, then hitting the road permanently (Gary likes that one best), moving back into the house, going crazy (which we both are doing right now) but enjoying the small stuff.  Like things that get fixed.

We are looking forward to going to the RV show in Tampa.  I know our mentors, Howard and Linda Payne ( will be there and hope to see as many friends as possible.  Still waiting on the weather report to see which day will be best, but it won't be the Saturday as it's my birthday and I'm having a family birthday party all day!  Hoping for nice weather that day.

It's beautiful here today.  I hung out the sheets to dry and Gary did his coach maintenance: started the genset, started the engine, checked the batteries and all fluid levels and emptied the tanks.  Then he went off to pick up the part for our Fantastic Fan that was delivered so we can fix that!

Now if we can just get Gary fixed, we will be the HAPPIEST CAMPERS!

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  1. wow the waiting is hard isn't it...but the time will come...then you can make your decisions..I hope you keep bella too :)..thats my favorite scenario...we are in avon park and the weather is gorgeous...