Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Fixit Team Strikes Again

Tuesday was a beautiful morning once again.  It got up to 76 today.  We spent a little time in Lenscrafters so I could try on some different contacts.  As we left, our gas lite came on.  So we scurried over to Sam's for a little cheap gas - 3.37 a gallon.  And it's going up - oh, yay.  Sometimes I'm glad we sit as long as we do.  I did a little math and from the first fill up in our coach until now we have spent $1023.73 in diesel fuel.  When we start up on Sunday, I will do more math to figure out mpg. and let you all know.
Wednesday they called for rain, and around 2:20 we did get some soaking rain, but it didn't last too long.  In the morning we played the fixit team again.  Gary had done some research on how to replace the light in our microwave.  He discovered how, and we got the little cover plate off.  Then to find a store that sold it.  We could have ordered it from GE, but we found a store in Bradenton that carried them.  Fortunately we got the last one; unfortunately, that little one inch light cost $18.00.  What are ya going to do?  We replaced the light, the cover and the grill front, and voila-there was light!

Next we wanted to put the new black panels on the fridge.  The top ones went on in a jiffy, but the bottoms need to have the door removed.  We haven't figured out how to do that yet, but here is a shot of the ones we did replace.  I can't wait until they are all on.  They just slide in, but the panel edges are too long to slide up towards the ceiling without hitting it, so we will have to remove the doors.  Spiffy, huh? 

Thursday was Doctor appointment day again to see an orthopedist about his shoulder.  It's annoying to have to wait 2 hours, and then have the Doctor tell you that he does not recommend surgery (yay), but does recommend physical therapy and ibuprophen.  Since Gary did not injure his shoulder in an accident or fall, it seems to be an attritional rotator cuff tear.  It may never heal completely, and if it doesn't get any better with therapy, there's a one in two chance he might feel better with surgery.  Gary does want to swing that golf club, though, so we'll see how he does with therapy. 

Direct TV was waiting for us at home, and Jose fixed the antenna within 5 minutes by replacing the LNB on the dish.  Within 6 minutes, we had cable again.  Next time it gets windy, Gary may hustle a little faster to catch that dish.  We will need satellite TV at our new campground in Thonotosassa starting Sunday. 

Tomorrow we are really looking forward to some fun with David and Arlene Harrison.  But I'm not going to jinx it by saying any more.  This will be the third time we've tried to get together.  You'll have to find out what we do tomorrow!

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  1. love the black fridge panels...hope its not too much of a pain to get the bottom ones in...have a super day tomorrow hope all goes off without a hitch :)...