Saturday, July 2, 2011

Catching Up

Yay, I have my computer back, and nothing on the hard drive was lost (we did a backup before handing it over, of course).  This is the storm we had to pass through on our way to Knoxville on 40 West.  It rained so hard, it made people pull over, but our little Jeep gripped the road and Gary drove slowly and by moving, we passed through it within 5 minutes.  They were tense minutes, though. 

Here's a picture of me and the girls at the Apple Barn:  Brenda is on the left and Cheryl is on the right.  Cheryl does beautiful card crafting for a living.  Her cards are in many boutiques around this area.  She also does special orders, so if anyone is interested, I will share her email address.  Brenda is a full time RVer in a gorgeous Navigator and as any RVer knows, the stories abound.  Larry and Brenda are coming over for a Fourth of July dinner, and then we'll go find fireworks somewhere.  Gary hasn't met Larry yet, but I believe they have golf in common, so they won't lack conversation. 
And this is what we ate - fried apple pie.  Not too shabby.  I should have just smeared it on my hips.

And while Gary was playing 9 holes, I relished in cool mountain trees and my favorite house in Cade's Cove - The Dan Lawson house.  I could look out that window at this view every day.  But maybe we'd get bored and have to go RVing!

Can you see the bear below and the three fools running after him/her?  The bear didn't like being chased, and was running away, but once it stopped and the boys stopped.  I think she/he growled, because they started backing up slowly.  At least they did that part right.  A bunch of people were watching with bated breath wondering if they were stupid enough to run after a bear, were they stupid enough to run away from it?  If so, I could have had some tragic footage.

The loop road was very, very busy and at one point it was stopped (which often happens when people spot a bear, and there is no more room to pull over).  I was behind another Jeep with Florida plates.  I inched a little closer to see where the jeep was from, and it was purchased from Sunset Jeep in Sarasota.  Teeeny world!

Anyway, we worked on Thursday, Gary had his 6 hour treatment on Friday, and we got up early this morning to get to have breakfast in Knoxville, and pick up our computer, ask a few questions that were answered, and get back home before my class at the Scrapbook Store.  I picked up Brenda at her coach and had a lovely time creating another card.  Then we followed Cheryl over to Stonehouse Pizza and after ordering, dropped by the bakery next door which is also the cutest boutique with baby clothes, Cheryl's cards, picnic and kitchen items, a little pottery and the best smelling soaps.  It was a kind of artists/crafts/bakery store.  We chose  a chocolate chess bar to share, and went back to eat and blab some more. 

Now, I'm home with my hubby, who, while I was playing, vaccuumed, put together the PC and made hamburgers for dinner tonight.  We have people all over in the campground for the holiday weekend, so there will be lots of company!  It's beautiful weather, and I'm expecting grilling and campfire smells all evening.  Maybe I'll catch some lightning bugs at twilight..

Happy Independence Day, everyone, and remember why we celebrate this day and every day, and thank a soldier. 

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  1. Boy are you two staying busy!!

    Can't imagine why anyone would chase a bear?!?!

    Happy 4th!!