Friday, July 22, 2011

Back in the Mountains

What am I excited about??  My first workamper job!  The CG Manager asked me to work at the office on Friday and Saturday each week.  Gary is my priority, so I said I could only work on Saturday if that was OK.  He said sure! Get over there tomorrow for training and you start on Saturday. 

So while Gary went to play golf, I headed to my New Job in the campground office.  Sylvia was there to explain how things work.  Unfortunately they don't use any computers here, and I had hoped to learn a management software, but it is what it is.  I hung around for a couple of hours and then felt comfortable to work the register and credit card machine.  It was plenty busy with 10 people checking in and 7 checking out.  I will be working every Saturday from 9 to 7 for discounted campground rent while Gary is resting from his Chemo Friday.  Of course, my sweet hubby promised me that he'd have dinner ready at my return home.

Ann and Bob are a couple we met at Camp Freightliner, and they live in Sarasota, FL, so when we found out they were headed right for Pigeon Forge after Camp, we exchanged numbers so we could get together there.  They called to set up an early dinner, and we suggested Calhoun's, known for their ribs.  We all had ribs except Bob - he had the chicken -and we managed to stay relatively clean.  It was fun finding out more about them and their rig.

 They have the cutest little Yorkies that love traveling with them in their motorhome.  The littlest is called Tasha which was our kitty's name that we lost early this year.  We will meet again on Saturday perhaps for a baseball game if I don't have to train too late.

Today, we were out the door early for our ride to the Cancer Treatment Center, but after I dropped off Gary and gave him his breakfast (the McDonald's Menu Item #1), I headed back to the coach to call Splendide about our washer/dryer.  It went a little crazy last night skipping all the way through Permanent Press and stopping at the end of Delicate.  And the door wouldn't open.  Their service department answered right away, I talked for 20 minutes to a tech, Sam, who told me exactly what to do, and I tried it again.  It made wierd noises and practically spun itself silly.  So I needed to get back in touch with him again.

So, today, I got instructions, needing to count blinks near the end of the cycle, and then call him back with the number.  I set it up, and it went just fine.  Took out the dried clothes and hung them up.  Threw in another load, started it up, it went through one cycle fine, door unlocked - ugh oh, clothes were wet.  It didn't dry.  So now we have a washline strung all around the bedroom hung with clothes. 

We needed a grocery run, and I'll take the rest of our dirty clothes over to training tomorrow, as free use of the washer and dryer is another little worker-perk. 

Hopefully the rain will hold off for our baseball game or whatever we decide to do, and I think all we can do is wish for cooler weather. 

Ya'll stay hydrated, hear?

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  1. Congratulations!! With your personality it is easy to understand why they would want you to work at the front desk :o))

    Hope this works well for you and you continue to build your workamper resume!!

    Please still try to find time to have fun;o)))