Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gotta Have Some Fun

Yesterday was a hot one and really busy.  Gary was happy at the potato station and I was happy at the register.  TEN MINUTES before we were to leave at 4:30, my little buddy, Andrew came in and asked for some headache medicine.  I had some, and while he was taking them, he complained of nausea and light-headedness.  I told him to sit, but then our lead came around, assessed that Andrew needed to leave for home and asked: would I please stay until closing at the Barnstormer?  What about Gary?  He could stay at Sausage.  How could I say no?  So up I went and worked until 8 pm.  Counted the money - over $1700, and headed down to clock out.  Gary was really ready to go so left at 6:30 and came back to pick me up.  Whew, a shower later, and we ate a late dinner, and I crashed.  But wait, around 11 I woke up again, and watched a B&W movie (The Nanny - Bette Davis) until 1 am.  Then it was sweet dreams...

This morning we headed to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast on our way to Jeep in Kodak.  We arrived a little early, but they slipped us in.  While Gary was surfing on the iPad, I walked outside to look at new Jeeps.  Ten seconds later, I had a salesman approach me, and we walked over to the two-door Wranglers.  I have been itching to go off road out west, and was interested in what's different between a 2000 (ours) and a 2011.  The new Jeeps are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, get better mileage and have the ability to drive in 19" of water and over major rocks.  Oooo, sounds fun.  But, until our lottery wins are bigger than $12, we'll keep our little Mesa and fix whatever is wrong.  Which brings us to the cashier, but the damage was not too bad.  We think we picked up some dirty gas somewhere which made the engine light come on, so we threw in some fuel additive and premium gas, and she should be OK.  Here she is, all ready to go.

When we got home, Gary messed around in the basement, and I tried to plan our trip out west a little, putting everything in pencil on the calendar.  There is much we can't count on, but we love to plan our adventures.  I know we are going to have a fabulous time whatever we do, because we have eachother.  (ps, Gary's looking real good lately!)

Gary was grilling a steak on the bar-b when our behind neighbors, Meghan and Jim came over for a chat.  They are from Washington state and have a 36 foot DutchStar.  We hardly ever get to see them as they work at Dollywood, too, but close and get home around 9:30.  Needless to say, they relax before they head to work inside their coach where it's cool, jump into their car and head to Aunt Granny's Restaurant, coming home to collapse and do it all again the next day. 

Jim and Meghan have been fulltiming for over 6 years and do various jobs for income just like most of us.  I asked them what their favorite job was so far and they replied that working with the NHRA on the west coast was the most fun and lucrative.  They also followed NASCAR from coast to coast, which was sometimes grueling (12-13 hour days) and extensive coast to coast driving.  But they loved the people and the money and are planning to do it again this winter.  They asked us our plans and were excited to hear we want to make it to Alaska in 2013.  They have worked there as well, and would love to go back.  Something about it "getting in your head".  Can't wait to find out what that's all about.  Maybe we could go together?  Maybe!  We finally parted and had our respective dinners.

Just as we were finishing our dinner, Gary noticed emergency vehicle lights outside.  An ambulance had pulled up to the site opposite us and the crew were heading into the RV.  Then a firetruck showed up and then a motorcycle cop.  I managed to get a picture of all the lights through our windshield.  Their neighbor talked to them (it is an elderly couple and their young grand daughter) and discovered that the little girl started choking and getting sick and they panicked and called 911.  She was transported to the hospital, so we hope she is OK.   

That was the exciting thing that happened today.  Let's hope less exciting things happen tomorrow.

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  1. Glad to hear Gary's doing good...I say a little prayer every day. Miss you guys!