Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Little Work Here and a Little Work There

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and I walked over to my new job at the CG office.  Elaine was there to meet me and we started right in on everything that needed to be done.  First, you have to put away the cats.  Yes, there are two cats that are let out of their cages at night to roam around the office to catch mice or something.  So you put them back in their cages and feed them.  Hmmm. 

Then you fill up the register, see who is coming in and add info packets to their confirmation slips, answer the phone, collect ice and firewood money, make reservations for the tents, cabins and RV sites, check people in, etc.  Not too difficult, but it sure was busy non-stop. 

I did leave a little early to have dinner with Bill and Ann who were leaving the next day, and we had dinner at the Bullfish Grill.  Delicious!  (sorry, no camera)  They specialize in fish, so Gary had the ahi tuna, Ann had the salmon with pineapple salsa, Bill had the grouper and I had the trout.  All excellent, and the manager came to talk with us for a while (guess where he's from - Florida, of course: a man who knows his fish!)  We left at the restaurant with hugs and promises to see them in Florida perhaps for their Christmas Party on December 1, which is also Gary's birthday.  But that's far in the future right now, so we'll put it in pencil.

Sunday we had to work: Gary at 9:30 and me at 11.  I had just dropped him off at work and returned home when he called and told me that we had to work until 8 pm and I needed to be back there in 30 minutes.  Well, it takes 15 minutes at least to drive, park and get the bus down to the clock, so I had to hustle.  I made it, and headed up to Barnstormer minimelts for the day.  It wasn't a good day at work, I must confess.  I was forgotten until young Andrew came to my rescue asking if I had had a break at all.  So, I got my lunch break at 3:30, and closed the register finally at 7:30, meeting Gary and leaving at 8:15.  Whew.  It was supposed to rain (how many jobs do you wake up and pray for rain that day), but it never did.  That means that people were in a steady stream all day.  It was rough at the moment, and I was plenty peaved, but now, looking back, it is what it was.  Of course, it stormed after we got home and Monday till noon (our day off).  Oh, well, what are you gonna do?

We made a Walmart run and stopped at Dixie Stampede to pick up some tickets for friends.  The best part of Monday was after we bought our tickets and were walking to the car.  A family passed us going in, and a couple steps behind them was their two year old little girl with big brown eyes and curls.  I smiled and said hi to her, and she looked up at me and said very seriously "I see cowwws".  I'll never forget it.  Too cute.  I hope she had a wonderful time seeing all the cows in the show.

I tried the washer again, and it ran OK with just a few little groans, but even after the dry cycle, it wasn't dry.  Also the Jeep engine light came on Saturday while Gary was driving around, so we need to get the oil changed along with a look-see into that reason. 

Today we started work at 11 am, and actually finished on time at 4:30.  I made potato twirls all day (with an hour at the register) and Gary was happy that he made sausage sandwiches all day and we even had our 30 minute break together!  A big improvement over Sunday.  We do have to work tomorrow and it is supposed to be 98 degrees.  I tell you, when we pass the pool on the way back to our coach, it takes all my willpower not to jump in, clothes and all.  Tomorrow is a short day again, so hopefully we will make it through (0% chance of rain)  I wish the heat melted body fat...

So we are happy campers once again. 

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