Thursday, July 7, 2011

Odds and Ends

Tuesday we worked 12 to 5 - well, that was a first.  Of course, it is the busiest time of the day, and we worked our tushies off for those five hours.  We couldn't cook sausage fast enough and ran out twice.  The tater fries are almost always a problem, either there aren't enough and we have people lining up waiting, or they are piling up under the heat lamps.  Either way, we're sure making Dolly some money!

Yesterday was a day off and Gary felt well enough to hit that little white ball around.  He left at 8 am and I cleaned up, did some computer work and went a little shopping, but bought nothing.  On my way back look at what happened to our odometer: 

Don't worry, at this stage, Jeeps are just getting broken in.  That's what we hear and we like it, too.  When we started out last year on April 1, our odometer was 101,646, which would normally translate into 20,354 miles driven to this date.  But we didn't put that many miles on the engine.  I will turn on the engine (and bear all the alarms, bells and whistles) of the coach to get the odometer reading during the day, because I am curious to see how many miles we have traveled.  Even though we have been fulltimers for 15 months, we have not traveled often during that time.  We spent three months in New Jersey, 6 months in Orlando and now are spending 6 months in Pigeon Forge.  Wow, writing that down makes me want to get going!  But with fuel prices so high, we really save money by staying put and working.  It won't always be that way, but we are planning some sight seeing in the west next year.  I can only guess what gas prices will be then.

We got home within minutes of each other, ate some lunch and then headed over to Dollywood to get some icecream.  We picked up our cones and while looking for a table, noticed our two managers having ice cream in the corner.  Hmmmmm, must be nice.

Thunder boomed overhead, but it didn't rain a drop.  We went exploring a little, talking to the various shop workers and tried to remember who had what.  Gary decided that it would be a good time to eat at Red's Diner, so we had some burgers and fries.  The burger was delish, but the fries were a little cold, and the milkshake, well, I won't have one of theirs again.  Not a real milkshake, just a shake.

It was fun saying hi to everyone we knew and meeting some RVers we never see that work up the mountain.  We didn't ride anything, although we missed the train by 5 minutes and decided not to wait half an hour for the next one.  Gary was starting to get pooped, so we headed home, had a little campfire and talked with neighbors for a while.

Today we had to work 12  to 4 - how nice is that.  Again, there was no time to breathe as it was guest after guest straight for four hours.  Whew.  It would be so much nicer if it was cooler, so we are looking forward to the fall to be sure!

Gary cooked some salmon on the grill and we had a few leftovers from Monday.  During our cocktail hour outside, we noticed this little guy (or girl) calling for mom.  We hope he found her as there are a lot of cats wandering around here. 

Tomorrow we head back to the Doctor's for our weekly visit, but may have some time to play in the afternoon.  I will let you know what we decided to do.  And we have some big plans for next week!

Hope your week rides smooth.


  1. Glad your work days are getting a little shorter. The ice cream looks yummy - and a good picture of you two.

  2. I will also be glad when the cooler weather arrives. Working outside in this heat can really take its toll;o((