Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chillin' in Waynesville, NC

We woke up to cloudy, overcast skies, but it was certainly cooler.  We were planning to leave some things like the birdfeeder, our rug, firewood and ladder.  We threw it all around and under the picnic table and secured it with our 10 foot tarp.  We had to check our Departure lists carefully this time because it's been 3 months since we moved.  I always cross my fingers when I push the slide button, but Gary had lubricated the mechanism with Silicone spray the day before and it didn't even squeak.  Everything went like clockwork, even talking to our neighbors who offered to watch our stuff until we returned on Wednesday or Thursday.   It took us 2 hours, as usual, and we hooked up the toad near the entrance to the campground.  The Airstream Rally were leaving at the same time, so we felt like we were in a convoy!   

It took three lights to get onto the Parkway (you know I love that road) and then through construction, some traffic and finally onto 40East.  The sun never did come out, and it sprinkled here and there, but overall, I stayed in my seat and only told Gary "left" once or twice near the concrete barriers on the right of the road. 

Half way to Waynesville, we noticed our odometer changing to 60,000.  Our rig is a 2003 and 60,000 is pretty good, I think.  We have put a little less than 8,000 miles on her, including driving her back home from Nacadoches, TX where we purchased her last year.  And we still love climbing those few steps into our home. 
We left Pigeon Forge at 10:30 and arrived at Creekside Farm RV in Waynesville at 12:30.  It was a really good drive, even in a couple of drizzles, through two tunnels and construction traffic.  We were escorted to our pullthru site, put on the brakes and turned off the key.  It took a few minutes to level, hook up to power and water and jump out the door (into 77 degree weather) for our walk to lunch. I ran back in to get my sweatshirt.  We had eaten at GiGi's in April when we were here on our way to Pigeon Forge, and we loved it.  It's a walk up the driveway and here's Gary waiting for me to catch up.

All handmade sandwiches and drinks, for about $5 a pop.  Good deal.  It's actually a trailer with the porch built on, and you share picnic tables.  Fun.

Then we took a walk around.  Back in April, there was hardly anyone here.  Today there is a Good Sam Rally from Florida with about 20 rigs.  There are plenty of other rigs, too.  We stopped and talked with a couple and their grandson for a while, then continued home.  This campground is a good stopping place for us, but I would not stay here more than two days.  There are nice spots along the river under trees, but it's too congested for us.   Here's a picture of us in a double site - we are taking up two sites, but they knew that. 

We hit the sack early, but we don't have to leave early tomorrow, which is nice.  Onwards...

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  1. 77 degrees sounds heavenly! After the heat we've been experiencing here in Virginia, I'm looking forward to the day I can put on a sweatshirt again!