Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Hot One

Sunday we had to be at work by 9 am.  We were supposed to work until 5 pm.  It was going to reach 96 today and we were working in Sausage Works (probably another 10 degrees warmer).  But we were excited to finally be working together and not having to close.

On the bus to the gate, one of our co-workers complained that she didn't feel well.  She didn't look well at all, and when we arrived, she went straight to our lead who told her to go home.  The repercussion was that Gary was asked to take her place at the lemonade stand.  Now when you are on a stand by yourself, you always need to close out the register when the manager says to.  If it's a busy day, that could be when the park closes at 8.  Well, it turned out not to be very busy at all, so at 4 pm, my manager told me I could go home.  "What about Gary?" I asked.  "He has to stay".  Oh, I knew that wasn't going to make a happy camper, so I asked if I could switch with him and let him go home.  That was OK, so I ended up working until 7:30.  Long, hot day.

Monday had a 60% chance of rain, and it did rain around 3 pm.  Gary was smart and put the awning and chairs away, so all that got wet was the 'carpet'.  We were expecting guests for dinner and had planned to see the fireworks, so I was hoping we could get to sit outside after the rain, as it cooled the temperature down from 96 to 78.  I had met Brenda at a scrapbooking class two weeks ago, and we hit it off right away, so tonight Gary was going to meet Larry, her hubby.  I made a crockpot roast, and Brenda was bringing dessert.  But she brought TWO desserts - one for before the fireworks, and one for after.  Well, what a great idea!  We only had trouble deciding whether to have the chess pie or the French Mocha Pots first.  The pie it was, and then it was nearly 9:30 and getting dark. 

Yesterday, while I was working, I talked to two gentlemen who were locals about where there was a good vantage point to view the fireworks.  One asked me, "How do you feel about cemetaries?"  Well, how cool was that?  The cemetary he was thinking of was the one we passed every day to work across from the golf course.  So we headed over to that spot, passing hundreds of cars parked every which way along the main road.  The good thing about our spot was that after the fireworks were over, it would be easy to get back on the road and not have to edge our way into traffic.  I didn't think there would be a lot of people there, but at 9:45, that little cemetary was almost full of families.  There was one big spot open for us, and we pulled out a couple of chairs waiting for them to begin.  Brenda and I found a great seat on a huge gravestone (we asked first, but received no reply, so we assumed it would be OK to sit there for a little while). 

Fireworks have come a long way since I was a kid.  There are now star, heart and smiley face shapes, and lots more colors.  Several orange and white for Tennesee State were followed by red, white and blue, and multicolors.  My favorite are the giant sparkly gold ones.  Too soon they were over, and we S-L-O-W-L-Y worked our way back home where we enjoyed another delicious dessert and sat outside talking.  Around midnight, Larry and Brenda and we exchanged hugs and departed.  What a great Fourth of July!  

Some things are always better shared with friends!  And I think we've just made some good ones!

I hope your Fourth was sparkly!

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