Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where In The World...?

This is a quick post to let you know that we are OK, but our desk top computer that has all our photos on it is in the shop getting fixed.

Gary is doing very well. He still gets tired earlier than bedtime, but Dollywood has been very kind to us and put us three days a week on alternate days so he rests in between work days.

The only place we've been is Knoxville to put our computer in for service at Best Buy. We purchased a warranty on the iPad that covers three other computers, so fortunately the PC waited until now to crash. We think it was a virus, even though we're so careful...

For some reason, we had four days off in a row, and we thoroughly enjoyed them.

During our outing on Wednesday I noticed a class that was being held at the Scrapbook store at 1pm. I asked Gary if he would mind me going, and of course, he said he didn't. So we arrived at 12:30 as I remember free classes fill up quickly, and struck up a conversation with a few girls. It was a card making class, and we had fun creating, but more fun talking. Three of us hit it off, and we planned to have coffee at the Apple Barn on Monday afternoon to just talk.

Sunday we spent in Knoxville driving through a storm front that stopped traffic with hard rain. Then it cleared up and we went from store to store looking for stuff, and finding other stuff instead.

Monday was my date with the girls and we each had a fried apple pie (I had ice cream, as you can see)and we talked for almost three hours. Girls have a lot to talk about -usually their life story, if there is enough time. Well, we weren't able to hear it all, so we are taking another class on Saturday and going out for lunch after.

Tuesday we had to go back to work. Ten to five for Gary and till seven for me. Well, they don't always know how to tell time at Dollywood, so Gary finished at 7:45 and I finished at 8:30. Long day. I thought he would be beyond exhaustion, but he felt pretty good! YAY

Sometimes Gary plays golf with the CG Manager and he felt well enough to try 9 holes this morning. I took the jeep to the mountains. It was so much cooler there that I found myself all the way to Cade's Cove before I knew it. It was very busy, and not only with people. I saw deer, a bear being followed by three foolhardy boys in a field, hundreds of butterflies, and a black crow who asked me to take his picture. Had I known I was heading to the mountains, I would have taken my Canon, so the photos are terrible, and I apologize. So I renewed my nature need, enjoying the sun dappled roads, stopping wherever I wanted to, taking a walk on a "Quiet Walkway" off the road. Nourishing the soul...

So, please forgive me for posting the pictures in a forthcoming post, but I feel guilty that I haven't written in so long. What do you do to nourish your soul?


  1. Sorry about the computer... We are so dependent on those little devices!!!

    Glad Gary is doing OK and that Dollywood is working with you guys:o))

    Look forward to photos when you get them posted!

    I read my friends blogs and enjoy traveling with them to nurish my soul :o)))

  2. Oh no! I hope you had your photos backed up somewhere before you took it into Best Buy! My laptop has been in Best Buy's care (off and on) for a good part of June. It's a good thing I still had my dinosaur laptop from 2003 to use!

    LOVE the quiet walkways in the NP! Nature does it for me every time! Can't wait to take those walks in the fall (my favorite season)!!