Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some Pain and Some Relief

Wednesday Gary was really in bad shape.  His face was burning and so painful that he wanted to go to the emergency room.  Time for help.  I took a picture of his face with the iPad, and on my way out to the Pharmacy, I noticed Elaine's vehicle at the CG Office.  She is a retired nurse, so I thought that another opinion wouldn't hurt.  I showed her the photo, and she told me to call his Dr. and email the photo.  I was planning to take the iPad up to Walmart to ask their opinion of what could be done to alleviate the burning, like some kind of numbing agent safe to put on open wounds.  On the way I called his Oncologist, and ended up speaking to his nurse, Cindy.  She said she'd get something ordered for him today. 

I stopped at Walmart to get some cash and then headed home.  I had to go into work today from 1 to 4pm.  Hardly worth it, but I like short days once in a while, especially when I was really needed home.  Our friends, Donna and Ron drove into Dollywood to fill out employment papers and pick up clothes.  They stopped by my MiniMelts Stand and chatted a few minutes.  I told them there should be a prescription for Gary at Walmart, and they offered to pick it up for us.  As I said, GOOD FRIENDS!  By the time it was 4 pm, I called to see if the order was in, and Ron said they were actually in the Pharmacy line to pay for it.  So we met back at home, threw some pills down Gary's throat, and he started feeling better.  He even looked better.  As the evening progressed, he got even happier with no sign of chills or fever.  This meant he'd probably have a good night sleep, and we had a delicious dinner outside.  Gary had turned on our mood lighting lanterns that he found at (where else?) Walmart. 

Cute, huh?

We ended up inside doing dishes and talking, which is what we do best, until 10 pm.  We were looking forward to a good night's sleep because if Gary has a good sleep, he might just play golf in the morning.  Yep, he's an addict.  I don't mind at all, because he is supposed to do what makes him feel good, so have at it! 

Here's to the Sandman, bring it on!

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