Sunday, September 18, 2011

Planning Ahead

The Doctor's reaction to Gary's improvement was less than stellar.  But we expected that.  He had been on vacation for two weeks.  So I whipped out our iPad and brought up a photo I had taken of Gary at his very worst.  Well, his eyes popped.  The old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" escaped from his mouth.  Needless to say, his smile made our day. 

What's next?  Three more treatments.  When it's all gone, is there a maintenance schedule?  No, just go on your merry way.  What if it comes back?  Run to the nearest chemo center and get a dose or two.
Well, alrighty then!  Let's get on with it.

Sitting in our private room, people who knew Gary (and everyone does since we've been showing up for 5 months now) came to visit and commented on the great improvement.  We are taking a big breath and letting it out slowly...

LeConte Hospital is down the drive, so we went over to see Ron when Gary finished up.  He was really looking forward to getting all the tubes out of him.  The Dr. said maybe tomorrow.  Still waiting for "noises". 

Saturday was a work day for me at the CG office.  Since the Rod Run is this weekend, I checked in 18 rigs.  Fortunately they didn't all come in a once!  After I get home from the office, I have this (almost) overwhelming desire to visit all of them and see if everything is OK.  I thought about how I would feel if I was in a CG and staff came to ask me.  I think I'd feel really impressed and grateful.  But, perhaps they'd feel it would be an intrusion.  How would you feel?

Gary worked a little more on my shelf, which is looking rather smart.  It is put together and stained, and now he is varnishing it.  Can't wait to get it up.

Also my new project supplies arrived, and I'm reading up on how to do it and thinking of all kinds of designs I will apply to various items.  I'll take some photos of this, too. 

It was just twilight, and we decided to have a drink on the patio and start a fire.  I collected twigs and Gary rolled the fire ring (a truck rim) into position.  But, we never had our fire, as our neighbors stopped by and chatted while the fire went out.  Oh, well.  We're having company tomorrow, so will definitely have that fire after our BBQ.  I'm trying out some fancy recipie for hamburgers and grilled corn on the cob.  I will definitely take photos and let you know how good it was.

We are hooked on black and white (sometimes color) movies on TCM.  They are so different from the films they make today, aren't they?  One of the first things I notice is that EVERYONE smoked.  All the time.  If there was a pause in the script, they lit up.  If things got tense, they walked over to that cigarette box on the table, opened it up, tapped the end of the cigarette, and lit up.  Sometimes it got so smoky in the room, you could hardly see the actors.  What ever happened to night clubs?  How it must have been to get dressed to the nines any night and go listen to great music and dance and drink for hours.  These days - we tweet.

Since we will be moving in a month, we started talking about our departure date.  We would like to be in Raleigh with our daughter's family for Halloween, but the only campsite anywhere around her home is the Falls Lake State Rec. Area, which is beautiful, and we love it.  But the stay limit is two weeks.  We were thinking they might let us extend our stay since it is not busy at all at that time of the year.  Most people from the "plains" area are up in the mountains watching the leaves change, although it would be late in the season for that.  Anyhow, we'll ask.  The worst they could say is 'sorry'. 

As fulltime RVers some might think that we can go anywhere anytime we like.  Well, we can go anywhere, but we still have to make appointments and commitments.  So we still need to be somewhere sometime, even if it's only because of the weather.  I'll elaborate more on that subject another time.

Meanwhile, we are happy campers. 


  1. So glad to hear about Gary's great improvement!!

    I think "Going on your merry way" is a wonderful idea. You two deserve a very long and happy 'Merry Way' :o))

    You and start by enjoying the fall in the mountains...

  2. Great news about Gary's improvement!

    If you want an alternative to Falls Lake, the Raleigh Fairgrounds has a new FHU lot for the same price-$25 a night, 50 amp, water and sewer. It's not as pretty, but they don't lock the gate on you at night. We like Jordan Lake but this time we're trying the Fairgrounds. No ambiance but it is convenient :)