Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hospital Birthday, Woodworking

Our dear friend, Ron, is still in the hospital.  We visited him on Tuesday and he was sitting in his chair just having had a bath.  He seemed in good spirits, but had a very sore throat due to the tube through his nose and into his stomach.  They gave him some Cepacol to numb the area, but he really was having a difficult time swallowing.  We stayed for a few hours, and then left with Donna.  She was exhausted from lack of sleep and worrying, so we didn't visit long before we parted company and hit the hay.

Wednesday, it was planning to be 89 degrees, but not humid, so we kept the top down on the Jeep, ran a few errands, worked a little on the shelf we're making and the side burner Gary fashioned.  Yup, that's a grill bowl that never got used much.  He also drilled a hole in the grill shelf (the thing it's sitting on) so that the new propane hose will go directly into the burner, and will fasten it all securely.  Such genius!
Around 2:30, we headed over to the hospital and Ron was in bed, and looked uncomfortable.  The Dr. came in and said he had checked the latest X-rays and was concerned about a rupture.  Surgery was imminent, but Donna was taken aback when he said "within the hour".  Immediately 4 nurses arrived with papers to sign, machines and monitors, IV poles, etc. and within 10 minutes they were rolling him out of the room.  She went with him and we waited in the room until a nurse came and got us, showing us the surgical waiting room.  Donna was there on the phone informing family of the situation. 

Four hours later the Dr. came out and said it had been a difficult surgery, very time consuming and precise, but everything was aligned and straightened out.  We rode up to the second floor where ICU was located and waiting in that room until we saw him wheeled past.  Just at that moment, Gary had arrived back with a pizza.  They said they'd come and get Donna in about 30 minutes when he was all situated and comfy.  We were all relived that everything went well,munched on the Gondolier's fabulous pizza and when they came and got her, we left for home, and heard her arrive an hour later.

This morning it was raining, but that didn't stop Gary from heading to the golf course.  He is so considerate, that he puts all his stuff in the livingroom so he doesn't disturb me so early in the morning.  I got up, dressed and ate breakfast before I decided to go check on Donna.  It was 10:30 and when she answered the door, she had just gotten up a few minutes before.  Checking on a hubby at all hours of the night is rough on sleep.  Soon after, she headed to the hospital. 

I went to Walmart to pick up a few things for us and Donna, and noticed the increased traffic into Pigeon Forge due to the Rod Run this weekend.  Lots of people from last week's Shades of the Past Rod Run just decided to stay on here, so it's really crowded.  That's so good for the economy, I really shouldn't complain.  So, let them RUN!

This afternoon, I wanted to look up a blog that showed how a fellow RVer had redone her window treatments in the camper.  I thought I remembered detailed pictures with explanations on each step, but even though I read through the dates she had worked on them, there were not very many photos.  So if I decide to change the window treatments in our coach, I may have to figure it out myself.  No biggie.  But I will need my 10-ton sewing machine to do them, or I may need to look into that little machine that fit in an overhead cabinet of my friend's.  I'll let you know. 

Right now, it's a rainy, drizzly cool afternoon, and we're just chillin'.  Tomorrow we will continue our shelf project and side burner project.  Gary is so excited about tomorrow to show his Dr. the improvement due to this new chemo drug.  (And all your prayers!)

 Thanks again, and Life Sure is GOOD!

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