Saturday, September 3, 2011


Friday was chemo day, and let me tell you, I was thrilled to be going in to see the Dr.!  On Tuesday Gary was absolutely in horrible pain and the worst he has ever been, BUT by Thursday, we suddenly could see a lot of improvement.  And when we walked into the exam room, even the Dr. could see the nice clear spots beginning to expand.  Needless to say, he gave the go ahead to get another infusion, so off we trotted, into our little private room, and he got hooked up and away we went. 

Around 2:30 he was done, and I convinced Gary that he could walk into a public restaurant without clearing the place out.  So we had lunch at Chic-Fil-A.  Then I convinced him that he could walk into Walmart without sending everyone into a panic, and he did just fine.

We reheated the Mexican enchiladas I made on Monday, added some chile con queso all over the top and they were even better!  Donna came home from work, changed and finished off the last piece.  Maybe I'll keep that recipe...  We talked until 10, and then I said gotta get ready for bed as I had to be at the CG office in the morning.  I set the alarm (ugh) and we had a great night's sleep.

Saturday, the temps were near record high at 98, and the Weather Channel said a 30% chance of showers.  Well, around 5 pm, wind, thunder, lightning, torrential rain and hail blew in and within 40 minutes, the temperature had dropped 24 degrees, tree limbs were down and at least 4 awnings were destroyed and numerous tents were upended.  Wow.  Here is a picture of the trailer next door to us: 

And at 9:20 she still isn't home.  We cleaned up a little for her, but she will need a brand new awning, for sure. 

Of course, tropical storm Lee is on it's way up here (and will hit on my day off, bummer), and the guys are predicting 3-6 inches of water.  Fortunately most of our guests we be leaving Monday.  All I can hope is that Katia keeps off the coast.  Here's hoping everyone that has loved ones in the midst of the worst of Lee is faring well. 

Tomorrow is my work day at Dollywood, but the traffic is horrible and I'll have to leave an hour before clock in time.  The storm did some damage at the park today, too.  A tree came down and apparently hurt three people.  The power went off, the computers went down, and everyone crowded into every public building available.  All we need is a light rain, not storms like this. 

Easy does it, Mother Nature.  Easy does it. 


  1. So glad to hear Gary is doing better!

    Love reading your posts. Have a great weekend.

  2. Yes, Mother Nature can get carried away at times!!

    Glad all went well with Gary's treatment. We think of you two so often.

    We all will be glad when Labor Day comes and goes and takes the tourist along with her;o)) Be careful with all the crazy drivers out there!!!

  3. So happy to hear Gary is feeling better!! Mother nature can be tricky..we think of you both daily and look forward to your blogs...
    take care