Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Old Friends Arrive Next Door!

Sunday, let's see...  oh yeah, I had to work.  The frozen lemonade stand is not my favorite stand to work, but it was slow to start, then stayed fairly busy all day.  It was nice weather, and I served a few interesting guests.  But I won't go there...

Our manager, Tom, came over and handed me a ticket for a free BBQ lunch.  Gary has been wanting to try their ribs (at $18 for about 6 little ribs, even though we get it half price, still too much for that many ribs), so now was my chance to bring home some BBQ.  But by the time I got my lunch period, the ribs were gone.  I had some chicken, ate a little of it, and wrapped it up to take home.  The next thing was to find out if I could work another day except Mondays.  Talked to the boss, and he agreed it was OK.  So now I can work 2 days in the office.  I'm waiting until the CG owner meets our friend, Ron, so that she will change her order than NO MAN will ever work in the office.  He is so sweet, I know she'd love for him to work there.   Walked out of the park at 8 pm, jumped in the Jeep, home in 15 minutes and in the shower and jammies 10 minutes later.  Ahhhhh.

Monday arrived and I had a cleaning frenzy.  Inside the coach hadn't been really, thoroughly cleaned in a couple of months, so I cleaned every surface.  Nice.  I called Donna and Ron who were arriving from Illinois today to see what their ETA was.  Holy cow, it was in about an hour!  It was a record shopping trip for dinner ingredients, and I still made it back before their arrival.  Finally they arrived in their Excel fifthwheel, and there were hugs all around.  They were guinea pigs for a new recipe of Enchiladas that was so-so.  But we did eat outside and introduced them to some of our friends in the CG.  Having driven 600 miles from Sunday night, it was all we could do to talk until 9 pm, and then we both retired for a day of fun on Tuesday.

Gary had a bad night, so we actually slept in until 9:30.  Donna and Ron were up and hungry, so we headed out (after doubling back because Ron forgot his wallet).  By the time we got on the road, it was around noon, so forget breakfast - let's go for a hamburger at Five Guys!  Yummy. Here we are with our dear friends. 

After lunch we wanted to see who was going to be playing at the Memories Theater so that we could plan an evening of 'stars'.  After that we drove over to a unique store named Ten Thousand Villages that provides vital, fair income to Third World people by marketing their handicrafts.  We both fell in love with grass boxes with coconut fibre tops.  Beautiful and functional.  They would make good gifts along with the cinnamon bark jars with carved lids.  We will definitely be visiting that store again!

The boys wandered over to Workshop Tools and we were pleased to see they had a new shipment of our rare earth magnets in.  Scooped up a couple of those.  And 2 foot square ShamWow towels were $1.99 - great for wiping down the kayak after a trip.  Gary had also misplaced his readers, and found a new pair here for $2.00. 

That was fun, but the most fun was the craft store near the Old Mill.  Remember I wanted to find something new to do for our gate guarding trip?  Well, just like looking for a house, and walking in and knowing "This is IT", that's what happened when we walked into this store and I saw something called Punch Embroidery.   A sales lady patiently showed us how it was done, her very first attempt, the needle used and how it was threaded and some pre-packaged patterns.  Well, I loved it.  I will be doing some research on that in the near future!

Gary was ready to head home, so we did a little puttering and met up for drinks on the veranda.  Donna and Ron have another friend in town, so planned to have dinner and a show with them.  Meanwhile, we chatted with our neighbor, Rodney for a while, then had a little dinner.  Gary was getting another fever, so downed a couple Tylenol and returned to bed. 

I did some more research, and now I am going to cuddle with my hubby.  He's a little scared of the dark, so we may be up a little late.  But the sun will come up tomorrow.

Thanks again for all your support.  You're wonderful.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. I want to hear more about that punch embroidery. I'm always on the lookout for a new idea to give my mom to help her fill her time:o))

  2. Sound like you had a wonderful busy day! Hope you both have a super day today..!! hugs and prayers