Thursday, September 1, 2011

Golf and Butterflies

Well, Gary and I had a great night's sleep, so I let the alarm go off at 6:30 am for his early golf game.  He quietly moved into the other room and got dressed in the clothes he had set out the night before.  I heard the door close then went back to sleep until 8.  Having my two cups of coffee, I leisurely did some more research on this annoying, frustrating, (and a little scary) disease, and then quit.  There is lots of information out there, and I bet tomorrow we may hear something we've been kinda a dreading from the Dr.  But I'll let you know - it may be encouraging.  That's part of the frustration - we never know what is going to happen next.

Then I did some research on Punch Needle Embroidery.  I am entranced with this needlecraft.  It looks entirely too easy, and I am already planning designs in my head, and what I am going to do with all these finished products.  In fact, I want to redecorate the entire coach around them.  The beginning tools can run a little expensive if I purchased them from this local shop, The Pattern Hutch (not to mention the nearly 10% Tenn. tax), so I am looking around on the web to find better prices.  Lots of success in that department.  I can think of all different ways to apply this art form, but have seen very little of my ideas out there.  That's a little exciting.  Perhaps I will be able to break new ground??  I will keep you posted, because everytime I think about it, I get tiny butterflies in my tummy. 

Gary came home around 1:15 and looked a little poopy.  He went to bed for a nap, and I cleaned the outside, visited with Ron and Donna a bit, and then decided to take Donna and run back over to the Pattern Hutch to investigate further.  I wanted to compare prices found on the web, feel the tools, check out materials and patterns and jot down the names of the designers.  I felt even more strongly that this was something I would enjoy.  It's very easy, fast and adorable when finished.  There's a small learning curve, but like any medium, your imagination is your limit.  And it's portable, lightweight and a curiosity, as it's not very popular (yet).   Yep, I definitely see this in my future!

Arriving home, Gary was up and trying some of the new numbing medication on his face.  By dinnertime he was feeling much better, a good thing as Donna was cooking pork loin, one of Gary's favorite meals.  We hung out for just a little bit, as they were going to a show with friends, and then we came home to veg. 

Tomorrow is Chemo day, so once more, we go into Wonder? land. 

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