Friday, September 9, 2011

Music, Dancing and New Friends

Thursday Ron had to train at the CG office, so after we did a little tidying up, Donna jumped in the jeep with us and we went over to Walmart for some food shopping.  I also was specifically looking for a product my parents used for their hummer feeder.   It kept the ants from crawling down the wire from the branch and getting into the feeder. I have a window feeder, and the ants smell that delicious sugar water and clog every opening, drowning in the syrup.  Even asking Walmart associates for something called Sticky Foot incited puzzled faces.  Nobody had ever heard of it.  Searching on line at Wild Birds Unlimited and sticky bug traps I came up empty.  Oh, well, I'll have to concoct something other than Vicks Vapo-Rub and Petroleum Jelly (which melts in the heat). 

Friday evening we were invited to see the Country Tonite show with friends of Donna and Ron. 

We met Claire and Dave in the lobby getting tickets, and throroughly enjoyed the show.  Lots of dancing and singing.  The ending was a special tribute to the military, and the veterans in the audience were asked to stand where they received applause and a moving song.  Gary snapped a photo:

Friday we were planning to meet again for a breakfast buffet at Smith Family.  There was no show with this meal, but in the evening there is a show with a dinner buffet.  We had to sit in a long table, which made conversing difficult, so after we finished our breakfast, Gary and I moved down to the row in front, faced backwards and listened to Dave and Claire talk about their venture with Gate Guarding in Texas.  Everyone we meet has such a different experience.  We will continue to collect information and research before we commit to doing this job.

Gary continues to improve daily and Friday he did not have a transfusion as his blood test revealed that his bone marrow needed to replenish his red and white blood cells and platelets, but will continue next week.  He is so encouraged, it is hard to have to wait as you know, we want this gone!

We dropped off some new prescriptions and ran over to JoAnn's Craft store as fall decorating is just around the corner.  Then it was coach-cleaning day, so did my grueling hour clean as Ron and Gary chewed the fat on the patio.  Donna was working until 8:30, so I whipped up a quick dinner, and worked on the computer till bed time.  It's wonderful to be able to open the windows all day.  It's cool at night, so we've actually turned on the heat pump - well, I did - so it's cozy all night and not really chilly in the morning at 54 degrees.  It warms up just like Indian Summer and tomorrow it should be even more beautiful. 

Our hearts go out to those enduring dangerous flooding in the North East and the deadly fires in Texas.  There's no accounting for the whims of Mother Nature.  But we shall endure.  We have no other choice, do we?

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  1. Glad to hear Gary is seeing some improvement...we continue to pray. Wish we were there with all of you!