Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Changes

Tuesday is Gary's regular chemo day, but we needed to see the Dr. today. This drug is not working, and his poor little face is not getting better. Fortunately, the Dr. agreed, and put in a call to Gary's oncologist in Florida. Bummer, she wasn't at work today. We will have to wait for a phone call to know what magic elixer to try next. Between the two of them, I hope they come up with a winning combination. Gary feels very self-conscious, and I understand that, but all we have to do is look around that waiting room at the other poor souls who are so much worse than he is, and it puts things into perspective. Still, he has cancer. Ugly word. The Dr. gave us hope by revealing the fact that four more new drugs have come out for what ails him, whereas even just 5 years ago, there were none. Timing is EVERYTHING in life. That kind of goes hand in hand with my mantra: it was meant to be for a reason...

The next thing we did (after no treatment, of course) was drive back to Knoxville to exchange our iPad for the one with 3G and a GPS chip inside it. Our salesperson failed to mention that the iPad we purchased did not have that chip, thus no GPS app we wanted would install. The guys gave us a hard time, but our favorite helper, Gretta, said no problem and took care of it in 10 minutes. We will give her kudos on the Best Buy survey, where we can also a win $5000 shopping spree.

We stopped on the way home to wash Mesa (our Jeep) as it's not supposed to rain for another week at least, and the local kitties climb all over her every night with their dusty paws. I like kittie pawprints, though.

It was Gary's day to play a little golf with Bill and Billy, and even though they teed off at 8:30, it reached into the 90s before the 15th hole.  Too hot to play golf, but he still loves the game. 

I, on the other hand, had planned to wash the coach - the outside.  Butttt, it got so hot so quickly, I decided to play Angry Birds on our new iPad.  It is addictive, and time passed faster and faster, but, I reasoned, Gary was playing, so why not me?  I passed the fifth level, then got down to cleaning the inside of the coach and some laundry.  He got home a little wilted and rested while I made lunch. 

Thunder sounded over our mountain, so we scrambled to put in our awning, but it rained 20 drops and blew away.  So we decided to scoot over to Walmart for some distilled water for the batteries and more birdseed.  Even though batteries are capped, in this heat the water can evaporate even faster than normal, so Gary keeps a close eye on the water level.  Only use distilled water in batteries, and clean the terminals often to keep them corroded-free.  Some day (when we win the lottery) we will replace these older batteries with AGMs or gel batteries.  We have to do some more research when we are ready, which I hope will be in a long while.

Gary grilled a pork loin with sweet potatoes and greens, and it had cooled off enough to eat outside with the birds.  The photos I got of them were too wiggly to post, but young flickers tried to figure out a way to get the sunflower seeds out of the side of the feeder (like bugs on a tree).  They finally figured out that they needed to get them out of the bottom dish.  Then we played some more on our iPad discovering all kinds of new things. 

Tomorrow it's back to work, Hi Ho, Hi Ho.

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  1. Sorry to hear the drugs are doing their job :o((

    However, I have to tell you that attitude has so much to do with beating cancer and you two have the most positive attitude in the world!! I am sure they will find a new elixir to do the job :o))

    Take care and keep smiling ;o))))))