Saturday, June 18, 2011

Say Yes to Drugs


It's that alarm thing again. We needed to be at the Cancer Center at 8:30 for blood tests and a meeting with the Doctor. Gary was very excited at the prospect of this new drug. We found out about it last summer at my brother's home in New Jersey totally by coincidence. My brother's stepdaughter, Marlene, works for a drug company called Celgene. When we were visiting them, she asked Gary why his face was red. Not only had she heard of mycosis fungoides, but they had just received FDA approval for a drug that treats that specific type of cancer! Back in Florida we mentioned this to his oncologist and she pulled out a thick brochure telling all about it. She didn't want to start that course of treatment yet, but after the Ontak didn't work, we had fulfilled the 'prior failure' requirement, so it was full steam ahead.

Even as the nurses were hooking him up, the drug hadn't arrived by Fedex yet. The oncology pharmacist ran after one truck, but they assured him that it was on the next delivery. Fortunately it was, and they started the 4 hour drip process at 12 pm. That's along time to sit in a hard chair, so I finally went out to the jeep to finish my book, but fell asleep, and woke up to Gary at the window. He felt well enough to drive home, and we relaxed the rest of the day waiting for any type of reaction. We had a light dinner as recommended by the Doc, and he was fine! We'll see if everything is good tomorrow. We have to go to work on Sunday when we will arrange our schedules hopefully on a regular basis. Then I will decide if I can work for the campground or not.


Bright blue skies greeted us this morning, but we are under severe thunderstorm watch for this evening.  We took it easy this morning, sitting out under the awning and chatting with our neighbors.  Most of them went to work today, but with the approaching weather, they might be coming home early.  We got bored and decided to go out for Gary's Father's Day lunch since we have to work tomorrow.  He chose Calhoun's Ribs nearby considering the weather and as we headed inside, this is what it looked like. 

The rains came and people scattered.  But it was a while before any thunder and lightning occured.  We chose to share a plate of baby backs and coleslaw with corn pudding.  Yummy, but we couldn't finish them, so we brought home dinner in a box!  Thinking about a movie, we checked out the local theatre, but there wasn't anything playing that we were willing to spend $14 on at this time, so we followed everyone on the parkway until our turnoff. 

We were between storms so it was just a gentle rain, but the next onslaught was not long in coming.  We hunkered down in our coach and listened to it thunder.  Our surge protector - something EVERY RVer should have protected our electrical system twice.  Lightning hit nearby, and cut the power to the campground, but when it came back up, our coach was protected against any surge.  This weather went on for another hour, but then the sun came out! 

Meanwhile, Gary played the guitar and I began digging around in my knitting bag.  I've been carrying that around for over a year, now, and had to remember how to do it.  Fortunately, I had a few books with me, so I practiced with a ball of red velour.  I forgot how fun it is.  After I practice knitting and purling a lot, I'll start experimenting with other things. 

Well, we had our leftover ribs, some leftover couscous and cucumber for dinner, and now a little TV.  Gary seems to feel fine, except he's a little 'washed out' as he says.  It's off to work tomorrow, so I hope he continues to feel OK. 

Thank you for all your well wishes.  I think they're working!!

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  1. It is always interesting to me how the things you need come into your life when you need them. Hope this treatment continues to go well and does the job :o))

    Happy Father's Day Gary!!