Friday, June 24, 2011

Work, Play and a Tiny Visitor

Thursday we went to work after an early morning thunderstorm.  It never cleared up, but stayed a hazy warm day.  Gary had a new job:  breaking.  That means he walked around to all our stations and gave workers breaks for the potty or lunch.  When he got to mine, it was hard to leave and go to lunch alone.  But he got off at 5:30 and I didn't leave until 8:15, so he came back to pick me up.

Today we had a tiny visitor.  This is a new 'resident' that will be moved by us to a nearby area.  As pretty as this Writing Spider is, we don't necessarily want a spider right by the front door.  However, they do eat bugs.  It might be interesting to watch him/her grow to it's full size: 3 inches.  Yep.  Three inches.  Can you read what it wrote?  I can't.  Looks like a zigzag stitch to me.  Pretty cool.

Gary had chemo today, again for four hours and everyone was talking about the tornado warning we had in the middle of the night.  Aparently Gary got up and watched the weather, and went outside to move stuff around for safety.  Sure enough, an EF1 touched down in Anderson County downing trees and power lines.  I don't think anyone was hurt fortunately.  I slept through all the thunder and lightning - I can't believe it!  I've never done that while living in our coach.   I told him to wake me up next time.  While he was mainlining, I drove myself over to Dollywood to pick up our pay stubs, make a clinic appointment for myself for this annoying cough I've had since January, and find out about nominating one of our Team Leaders for a service award.  I would like to nominate all of them for their outstanding understanding of our situation and working so well around our schedule.  But we'll start with one for right now. 

I did want to stop for lunch at Wendy's because I have a Free Frosty key card that I haven't used yet.  If you buy anything else, you get a free frosty till the end of 2011.  So I'm turning into Wendy's drive thru and realized I didn't have MY keys, just Gary's.  Bummer.  So I ended up having Welch's Fruit Gummies and some Cheezits from the vending machine for lunch.  Later, at home, I had 1/2 a tuna sandwich.  All of this is fascinating, I'm sure...

We like Harry Potter, and haven't seen the first part of the Deathly Hallows, so looked up the location of RedBoxes and found one at Kroger down the street.

  We popped in, pushed a few buttons, swiped our card, and out popped our DVD!  People give us looks sometimes when we are taking picures of wierd things.  Like this.  So that's what we'll be doing tonight.  I hope it keeps Gary awake for a little while...

We're off for three more days.  What SHALL we do??  You'll see...


  1. Never heard of a writing spider before, but his "writing" really is interesting.

    Really glad the nearby tornado didn't affect y'all!

  2. Hurray! I think I'm finally going to be able to write comments to your blog! We'll see if it works in just a second. We think about you two SO often. I don't want to wish the summer away, but I sure am anxious for fall to get here! After having so much fun together all winter, we are looking forward to being neighbors again!

  3. Just testing to see if our photo uploads this time.