Monday, June 6, 2011

Ooops, My Bad

I was really sure we had Saturday off. So I got our collapsible bucket out filled it with awning cleaner and water threw the hose over the coach ladder and up I went. The roof was filthy (we're under a tree) but the awning was filthier. Because we had rolled it up wet during a storm and it got mold spots, it was going to be tough to get clean. Normally I would use bleach for mold, but on a beige canvas awning, not a good idea. It was already 84 degrees but I was working with water, so planned on staying cool. Gary climbed the 6 foot ladder and scrubbed the seam at the bottom, and hard as I tried, that dirt was not budging. I left the detergent on, wet it lightly again, and we rolled it up to 'soak'. Meanwhile, I finished scrubbing the roof. We opened it up again, gave it another scrubbing, but no luck. We'll have to try something different. Ideas, anyone?

We were pooped, and came in to get showers to go play when I got a call from my boss: "where are you? You were supposed to be here at 11". (it was 11:08) Well, there was a miscommunication somewhere and we ended up being 45 minutes late. Gary worked at sausage and needed to close by himself. I had to close two registers and help him clean. We won't be late EVER AGAIN.

So we got home at 9:30 and ate dinner in bed. Whew.

Sunday we DID have off, thank goodness, because it took until 4 pm to recuperate. We crawled into the Jeep to go somewhere. Gary had a great idea to go to Apple Valley Gift Barn and Restaurant. There were so many beautiful apple items, but my favorite was the caramel apple ice cream. Yummy! We sat on a bench in the shade and people watched. It was a cute place, and we'll probably return in the fall for some fresh warm apple cider. We did a few chores, like placing steel wool around the openings from the basement into the coach. We don't like little wild creatures in bed with us unless invited.

Monday we knew we had to work (we were early) and Gary had to run a lemonade stand all by himself. I was in my favorite mini-melts stand up near Barnstormer. There was no breeze and I was hot, hot, hot. I considered jumping into the freezer for a few minutes...

We were supposed to work 11 to 6:30 and I was closed out at 6:15, but it was Gary's first time alone in the lemonade stand, so he needed help closing. We finally got on the bus to the parking lot at 7:30.

The birds must have been starving as both feeders were empty. So we refilled those and I did this and Gary serenaded me with the guitar.

So, I'm closing with this thought: work is good, retirement is better. Later...


  1. I read blogs to learn how to handle stuff like your awning so I sure won't be any help :) The thought did occur to me though, that OxyClean might help. I've used it on other stains with some success but never on something so large. Or, a lot of people swear by Awesome cleaner found at Dollar Tree. Sorry, that's all I've got :)

  2. Bill has used a product called Voom which he gets at camping world. He swears by it. But of course we have an iddy biddy awning ;o))

    I feel your pain with the heat!! I work in outside garden at Home Depot and look like a whipped puppy by the time I get home ;o((

    Thanks for the steel wool idea!!