Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Work and Lunch

Sunday we had to work - yeah, I know, Father's Day.  But our kids weren't around us, so it was fun to see all the kids and dads in Dollywood.  It started out pretty nice, but the storms rolled in sometime in the late afternoon.  They passed quickly, but it did make a lot of guests leave early.  Gary had to close, so after I closed my station, clocked out and dropped my money at the bank, I came back and helped him.  He was feeling kinda poopy and really wiped out, but then our son, Tristan, called to wish him happy father's day.  He was in Brooklyn on tour with his band and after passing through Toronto and Chicago he will hit Nashville.  Maybe I can convince them to come to Dollywood for a day on the way back to Miami!

Monday we worked, too, but I had to work until 7:30 and Gary was off at 5:30, and he felt so bad, he drove home and came back to pick me up.  I made him a really good veggie dinner, and between that and the little rest he had, he felt much better! 

Today we had plans to eat lunch with friends Brenda and Walt who are in our campground and work at DW too.  We were going to The Gondolier Restaurant off of Main Street in Sevierville where they were suppposed to have fabulous calzones.  Brenda, Walt and Gary had calzones, but I had this:

It was the veal parmesan sub, and no, I couldn't finish even half of it!  Gary couldn't finish half of his giant calzone, so we had dinner tonight!  However, Walt's favorite cake is coconut, and they had a triple layer one, so we had to try it.  I was going to take a photo of that huge slice, but we all dug into it so fast, I didn't have a chance!  Mmmmm, good.  Why is it I can't finish good food, but  can manage dessert?  I think it's like Jello - there's always room...

After lunch, Brenda took me to the Scrapbook Outlet and Store.  The boys trailed along, but we parted company when we reached the mall.  OMGosh!  I couldn't believe all the delicious beautiful fabulous creative goodies!!  (Is that too many adjectives?)  It's a good thing I didn't bring my scrapbooking supplies with me - I would have sorely been tempted to rack up airline miles on my VISA card...

The boys found us and dragged us out of there, but not before I noticed a class on Saturday that I am going to attend!  Yippee.

Of course, we needed to do the obligatory stop at Walmart where we killed another hour.  Upon exiting, we noticed some heavy duty cloud formations and scurried home to but in a fellow camper's awning and ours.  It sprinkled a little, then continued south of us.

We relaxed in bed, watched an old movie on TCM and then ate our leftover lunch for dinner.  The weather radio bleeped with a strong thunderstorm warning coming our way.  Sure enough, I grabbed some video off the wind knocking around trees and then the power went off for a minute.  So I'm writing this during a thunderstorm, and I'm going to quit soon, because, well, isn't there some kind of rule or something? 

Anyhow we had a good day, Gary is feeling OK and if we get through this storm, I'm sure there will be another someday soon.  Life is Good!

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