Friday, June 10, 2011

Somewhere over the Blue Birds?

Yesterday, Gary didn't feel well enough to go to work, so I left at 10:30 and around 4:45, a storm blew up and I was told to close my stand.  It was still storming by the time I got to the Cash Office to turn in my money, and while I was asking the cashier questions, Gary was supposed to be picking me up, but both times I called, my call went immediately to his voicemail.  So I forgot to clock out.  Ooops.

I walked over to the Gazebo to wait for him, but couldn't be sure he'd get my message. And then a knight in shining armor came to the rescue!  Kind Camden Brown offered me a ride home when the person borrowing his car came to pick him up.  I took him up on the offer, and Blake, whom had helped me set up that morning came in on the horse (car) and swooped me up and drove me all the way home.  I promised to buy him some mini melts any time he wanted them.  Thank you Camden and Blake!

Gary was surprised to see me, and discovered that his phone was not working, so I could have waited for a long, long time.  To make it up to me, we went to Mellow Mushoom for our favorite pizza - the Magical Mystery Pizza.  Michael, who had worked there last year was back again this summer and was surprised that they sold wine and margaritas.  Sevier County is not technically a 'dry' county, because you can buy mixed drinks, wine and beer in restaurants, but there is just one liquor store in Gatlinburg. 

I wish I had a picture of what happened today.  This morning Gary brought in the hummer feeder to be refilled, even though I hadn't seen any hummers around.  I thought fresh syrup would entice them to come back, so I dumped out the old and filled it up with fresh.  Gary picked it up and carried it out and on the way to the post, a hummer flew over to him and started drinking as he was walking!  He must have been really hungry!  How cool is that? 

But I did get a picture of two Eastern bluebirds beginning a nest in our neighbor's tomato birdhouse.  They have a lovely calling voice, too. 

We visited Gary's Dr. at 12:45 and got some news:  His two Drs. had confered and decided that a new drug was in the cards.  We just hope it will be delivered by Tuesday morning.  In the meantime, he wrote a prescription for a cortiscosteroid to reduce the swelling of his eyes his breathing passages.  He forbade me to post a picture of his poor face.  But it is pretty bad.  He only complains every 20 minutes versus every 10 like yesterday (like most men).  He can't start his prescription until tomorrow morning as it will cause insomnia.  I will go off to work alone again, until he is feeling better.  Fourteenth day of 90+ temps.  *Whew*

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  1. Gary...Take care and get feeling better soon. Glad to hear they have come up with a new plan to treat the cancer:o))

    Love the bird photos!!!