Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Special Day in More Ways Than One

A whole year! I can’t believe it’s been a year today since we started up the coach and, and in a pouring thunderstorm, started on our journey of full time RVing. So much has happened, good and bad, funny and sad, exciting and normal. But it seems so much more meaningful when each day is an adventure. I wish all people could experience this if even for a short while. Every day we wake up (thank goodness) and say ‘what do we want to do today?’ Some days we have things we have to do (chores, appointments, etc.) and those days give us continuity and grounding. However, it is the empty days, the days that are blank squares on my planner, that give me the most anticipation. For it is those days that we live for. Anything can happen. Anything…

Well, I know you might be wondering about Gary and his chemo treatments. Yesterday we arrived on time and met Yvette, who will be Gary’s technician. Here she is with an important look on her face.
She plugged him in to the machine distributing a couple of drugs before the chemo Ontak is mainlined. The Benadryl makes him sleepy and gives him RLS (restless leg syndrome) for a couple hours.
He gets a little Aloxi (for nausea) and Decadron (an anti-inflammatory). We spent 3 ½ hours in the clinic yesterday, and 2 ½ today. Yvette gave him all kinds of warnings and papers to read. Of course, I’ve been doing my research on the web, too. Fatigue and nausea are the most complained about side effects of this drug. Yvette cautioned him not to eat his favorite meal the first night. She was so sure he’d feel sick, that it might never be his favorite meal again.

Well, I drove home and he was fine. I mean FINE. We had dinner went for a long walk all around the lake. Jerry was walking back to his Essex coach and offered to take a picture of both of us with the lake fountain in the background.
By the time we got home he was hungry again. He slept until 3 am, woke up and thought of another way to sanitize the fresh water tank, went back to sleep and woke up at 7:45. “What’s for breakfast – I’m starved!” Well, yippee skippee. We even think we can notice some improvement!

We stopped at the grocery store again, but didn’t buy half the things we thought we’d need like Gatorade, yogurt, imodium, etc. But, I am cautiously optimistic. It’s only been the second treatment, and he has 3 more to go. Even though Yvette said it should be easier from now on, we’ll see. But we are thrilled so far with everything.

It was very windy today and blew our rug under the coach and a tire cover off. It is going to rain and severe weather is forecast.
Fortunately we went back to storage to get our Weather Alert radio – something every RVer (and homeowner) should have. We also brought back the beach chairs. It will be perfect again by Friday, and we miss our beach. Maybe we’ll have some pictures for you.

Until then, we are going to celebrate our anniversary (full-timing) tonight. Happy campers live here! Happy, happy, happy...

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