Monday, March 28, 2011

Pleasant Lake, Bradenton, FL

Saturday we decided to move to Sarasota for the duration of Gary’s treatments. We checked out Pleasant Lake on Route 70, drove around the huge lake looking for empty spots. We found one under a large tree that had a view to the lake through an RV spot. One phone call and it was ours. Making a decision is always a weight off one’s shoulders. Often it is difficult weighing the pros and cons, and in our case we were practically growing roots here. The wear and tear on the Jeep and three hours a day driving on the interstate pushed the needle over to ‘leave’. But the timing was good – we will only be leaving four days before the end of the month.

On the way back we called Donna and Ron. They had just arrived at Downtown Disney to meet their daughter and family at a restaurant. We had a quiet evening eating leftovers and planning our escape for Monday. I made a Departure List for each of us before we started this almost a year ago and update it once in a while when we discover something we should do. It’s stupid mistakes that cause damage, and often it is something forgotten. I read about damage that could have been avoided if only they had ‘remembered’. I guess I’m anal about that. I don’t want it to be MY fault that something got hurt.

BUT I found out that the departure list should be followed even if you’ve moved a short distance. Like driving to Camping World to get our fridge fixed. Well, the tech switched the outside step button to lock. Always I check before driving that the steps are in because it is on my list. Didn’t check the list, so drove all the way home with the steps out. Could have had an expensive repair there. It also surprised me that no one stopped next to me at a red light TOLD me that our steps were out. But, it’s not their responsibility, and they might not know that steps aren’t supposed to be sticking out into their lane… Other RVers certainly would throw things at you to get your attention for something like that – at least I would. We were lucky this time and THAT will never happen again.

Sunday we started our packing. A major trip to the laundromat was in order, and while four loads were washing, I started putting things away and cleaning the coach. Then it was time to wash the outside rug, and move it to dry. I could have taken pictures of all this, but it was boring. We kept tucking things away, then broke for a last drink on the patio. It was a beautiful evening considering it reached 94 degrees today. We probably needed the A/C on, but managed with a couple fans and open windows. But I did have to get up to close them all when a big clap of thunder shook the coach and huge raindrops hit the roof. Our first rain in about 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately it is supposed to rain every day this week. And I had planned to hit the beach. I might find a little pocket of sun somewhere, though. My middle name is Sunseeker.

Monday it poured all morning as we continued to get ready to leave. Donna and Ron came over and sat a while talking until they had to leave to spend time with their family. We hugged goodbye. It was hard to believe that we had been such good friends and neighbors for 5 months. Wishing each other safe travels, and ‘can’t wait to see you again in Texas’, they left for Disney. It was still pouring at 12:30, so we had some lunch. Finally the itch became too much, and we pulled out, heading to the office to say goodbye. We hitched up the Jeep and turned onto 17/92 in the rain.
It rained almost the whole way to the TA station for diesel at the junction of Interstates 4 and 75. Ouch, that put a dent in the wallet.
The rest of the drive it sprinkled, but the most of the heavy rain was behind us.

Before we knew it we were turning off the highway into our campground, Pleasant Lake on route 70. It took about 20 minutes to decide where to park, but we chose a spot next to a Newmar MountainAire. We can’t wait to meet them and pick their brain on a couple functions that our coaches might have in common. In thirty minutes we were set up, and having a celebratory drink.

This is our new home for as many weeks as necessary (hopefully just 2) to get my hubby better.
This is our view to the lake.
Apparently there are two resident alligators, one big, one small. Hopefully I can get to the pool but it is supposed to rain most of this week. That’s OK, Sarasota needs it. It is raining really hard and thundering right now, but we are safe and cozy in our little traveling home. Yay. Happy Campers!

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  1. Well wishes from us to Gary. I loved reading about your checklist. We made a tiny one when we first started and have never followed it!