Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Few Days and Tax Fever

Our new tires haven’t come in yet. Maybe today.

Thursday our friends, Donna and Ron, and we drove over to Disney Marketplace to take some photos of Flat Stanley. If you haven’t heard of Flat Stanley, I’ll explain. Flat Stanley is a book by Jeff Brown. It about a young boy named Stanley who is accidentally flattened “as flat as a pancake” when a bulletin board falls on him while he is asleep. Stanley is very, very flat but otherwise fine. Schools have decided to use Flat Stanley as a learning tool by giving a child a ‘Flat Stanley’ and asking them to take him on various journeys. Because he is a paper ‘doll’, he can be mailed to relatives and friends around the world and have his picture taken in fun places as proof he traveled there. So Donna decided to take Flat Stanley to the Disney Marketplace for his picture. Of course, I used her camera for the photo, but I wish Gary had taken a picture, too. Sorry.

Saturday we decided to get an unsavory task done. Cleaning and organizing the bays. It wasn’t too painful, and we jettisoned a few things, making room for our new chairs. Can you notice the pockets on one end and the fold up table on the other? They’re pretty comfortable, too. We’re leaving my old green recliner for the fire circle.

The clean out didn’t take too long and we found some new stuff we didn’t know we had from the previous owner. Some of the things I think we just took along with us thinking we would work out what it was used for, but we still haven’t worked it out. So we stuffed it back in to figure out later. Ron and Donna picked up a work shift and that meant I needed to put the crockpot roast in the fridge for Monday’s dinner. So Gary chose to grill something for dinner. He zipped off to the store and I worked on the taxes some more.

Yesterday (Sunday) we expected it to rain, so intended finishing the taxes. But Donna came over to talk, then Ron and by then it was 2:30 and I was starved. Last week at Sweet Tomatoes, our receipt included a coupon for a special price that ended Sunday. Well, it took us 20 seconds to get ready. Donna and Ron had to work, so they took their work clothes with them. I love the picture on the wall: Plan Ahead. Everything is very tempting, but my favorite is the multigrain bread. It’s a molasses colored bread with every conceivable grain sprinkled all over the outside. But, I’m trying to control the carbs, so I only ate two pieces. We decided to walk at Downtown Disney to help work off a few calories, so walked from end to end. Maybe a few calories?? Then we said our goodbyes, and headed home.

Monday is almost over, and we began with washing the sheets and clothes, and tackling the TAXES. We broke for lunch, then finished the taxes at 2 pm. YAY! Ron picked up another work shift, so just Donna will be here to enjoy the pork roast. She is bringing her dulcimer, so we will expect some music.

My favorite music is nature-made, but I also love stringed instruments. So I will be listening tonight!

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