Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Yesterday we looked at HHGregg for new appliances for our house. But while we were there, they were offering a Verizon MiFi for free if you had a contract with Verizon. Well, we had been wanting one of these gadgets to allow Gary to use his laptop while I use the desktop. With our Verizon aircard, we could only use one at a time. Also, it went dormant or lost connectivity more than I liked. Time to upgrade! It was supposed to be simple to install, but we were missing a driver. A call to Verizon (at 9:30 pm) and a talk with Dale for about 30 minutes got both our laptops and the desktop up and running beautifully! This plan is better and cheaper, too. Love that four letter word: free.

Donna needed to buy some Ginger Peach tea, and Books-A-Million had it for sale. Ron ran in while we planned our next stop. Guess: Walmart. Donna was planning tacos for dinner and needed the stuff to make them. We got home and had some drinks on the veranda in spectacular weather. We knew the super moon was rising tonight and finally found it between the trees to the east. Our photos were less than perfect, so I won’t bore you with those. I hope you got to see it, though. It was really beautiful. I hope we get to see the next one in 18 years, too.

Today we planned to have lunch with Terry and Sherri at Cherry Pocket Steak and Seafood Shak.
They picked us all up at our coach and we drove on all kinds of back roads to find this place. They had been there before, and told us the owner comes out wearing big red fuzzy slippers, sits down next to you and asks ‘How ya doin’?’ Well, who wouldn’t want to experience that? The food was supposed to be good, too, so off we went. A kind gentleman took our photo, and we waited for service. She took our drink order, and came back to take our food order. We got our drinks, and waited. And waited. The people next to us, having come in way after us, got their food. The waitress comes to apologize. "I never put in your order, and you’re number 7 from now." Well, we ended up there 2 ½ hours. Fortunately the food was really good and the weather and company was perfect. We even had Billy Blaze play his guitar and sing for us. So it was a great afternoon.

There is a boat ramp, where a sea plane flew in for a bite to eat, the “HILL” (the bathrooms), a “Don’t Feed the Dam Gators” sign, little cabins and RV spots. Interesting little place and it was jammed, but the clientele were a happy bunch visiting tables of friends they’d spot across the deck and singing with Billy.

We were stuffed (I forgot to take a picture of the food again – we were a little hungry) and we plopped down on our veranda and talked for a couple hours. It was good to see Terry and Sheri again, and plan to see them one more time before we leave. Unfortunately, we did not get to see the lady in the red fuzzy slippers.

The sesame chicken wings I made for dinner were finally ready, and we ate on the picnic table watching the bats catch bugs in the sunset. Donna suddenly got a text from her visiting son and his wife that they were ready to meet them at the airport for a ride to their hotel. So off they went to OIA, and we will see them tomorrow.
Gary and I did the dishes, I wrote this, and Gary worked on his computer at the same time! Yay, MiFi!

Tomorrow we are planning to work on cleaning the coach inside and out for our trip out of here. We don’t know where we are going yet, as Gary has a Dr. appt. with his radiologist this week. We may have to miss the Rally in Tenn. (boooooo) and start work a little later than planned if his Dr. wants to start radiation immediately. But I will keep you posted on that as we find out what’s up.

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