Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finally - Internet!!

On Thursday evening, Donna, Ron and we decided to go over to the Polynesian Hotel (A Disney Resort) to have a Margarita on the beach and watch the fireworks. Knowing Disney, we should have checked to see what time the fireworks started that night. But, no. So we got there when it was still light out (around 7 pm) and walked around having our picture taken while waiting. A bunch of people were out on the beach (of the lake) ready for the show. Eight o'clock came and went, then 8:30 and we finally figured out it was 9 pm. And it was FREEZING and windy out. I have on a long sleeved shirt, sweater, sweatshirt and fleece. But the fireworks were fabulous and we had a bonus of a light show on the lake just for us! Here's a sampling:

Gary took a video of the light show, but I can't seem to download it. Will have to work on that.

You might remember me telling you on the 10th that we were going to Bluffton, SC with our grands for a few days on the last post. Well, we had a great time. We drove over to St. Pete to transfer our stuff to the van. I should have taken a photo of that. I never saw so much stuff crammed into such a small space. But we did it. Brian was at the hospital getting a whooping cough test on tiny dude (Henry) and gave us a heads up when he was close enough to have everyone in the car upon his arrival. Even so, we got a late start and finally arrived at our rental home around 12:30 am. By the time we got kids into PJs and unloaded the car, we were ready for sleep, and we slept really well. Here are some pix of the inside of the house.

Saturday we got up a little later than usual, and had breakfast at the restaurant in the village. This is some of our fare:
Let me tell you a little about this place. Situated in the picturesque South Carolina Lowcountry, the 20,000-acre tract known as Palmetto Bluff extends from the headwaters of the May River near the town of Bluffton, skirts Bull and Daufuskie Islands via the Cooper River to its east, and gives way finally to the ancient freshwater rice fields of the New River along its western edge. The locals call it the "Bluffs", and it is a small community grown from a mansion built by R.T. Wilson, Jr. financier and horse-racing afficianado in 1910 as a hunting retreat. The 72 room mansion burned to the ground in 1926 but the ruins were left as a centerpiece for the development of a new community - The Bluffs!
This is the little white chapel which is nearly always booked every weekend.

After this fabulous breakfast, we rode into town to the grocery store to pick up supplies. When we got home we rode our bikes around to check out what was where and what we wanted to do. There was kayaking, canoeing, bocce ball, croquet, tennis, a spa, fire pits for making s’mores, hiking and biking trails, tree houses, zip lines, riding and golf to name a few. Gary and Brian were all about golf, so they tried to get a T-time set up. The kids were really keen on riding, so that was organized. The rest of the stuff we all wanted to do, and every day was supposed to be warmer than expected and no rain at all.

So, here come the photos of what we did and where we went on our fabulous vacation!

This is Gary and Brian hitting balls before playing. I hear it was a close game all the way.

Every night fires were lit in three firepits and long sticks, marshmallows, chocolate coins and graham crackers were free for the making! This was a huge hit and we did this almost every night.
Gary getting a ride from Lance. Hold on, Honey!

The three boys: Lance, Graham and Henry the Eighth.

Lauren on the zip line at the first treehouse (only a three story structure)

Boating on the May River inlet was exciting for Graham for it was his first time in a canoe. He did alright when we stopped showing him alligators and got him interested in fishing. He did catch my hair a couple times, but Lauren caught a tree, a bush and Gary and Lance in their kayak!

Here are the kids riding 'Oscar'. Yes, Lance rode too, but he was ever so helpful by doing a little cleanup work-totally his own decision.

We took a trip into Savannah one day to visit the Savannah Boneventure Cemetary and the Savannah Candy Kitchen where Lance lost a baby tooth chewing taffy!

A little artistic view:

A photo of the beautiful cemetary.

Gary and friend. Savannah was gearing up for the big St. Patrick's Day celebrations!

We ate lunch at the Mellow Mushroom (which, incidentally, was some of the best pizza I ever ate!)

MomPom and Henry

The last night, the big boys enjoyed a cigar and a glass of Lagavulin on the front porch.

Thursday came all too soon, and the kids were willing to stay another week. Alas, most good things come to an end, but they will have wonderful memories for a lifetime. And that, my friends, is what life is all about.

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