Thursday, March 24, 2011

Playing Catch Up Again

Playing catch up again. Let’s see, Monday was another beautiful day, so we decided to wash and wax the coach. First we climbed up on the roof to wash that. It was really dirty and Gary attacked the stains with his magic wand sprayer.
It attaches onto the end of your hose and gives you a hard or soft jet spray or a hard or soft fan spray with a different nozzle (which is MIA at the moment).
It was $10 in CVS – one of those “As Seen on TV” things. You can see me using it to rinse off the side of the coach.
It’s very cool! Bella hadn’t been washed since her stay in New Jersey, so she was pretty dirty. It took all day to wash and wax her, but we can see our faces, as one guy walking by asked.

When I removed the tire covers, I noticed a hole that was dug under the right rear tire.
What could have done that? Too big for a snake, too small for an alligator…
We treated ourselves to a steak BBQ dinner with salad and grilled onions and mushrooms. Well-deserved.

Tuesday, we left for Sarasota to check on the fridge repair service Gary had set up by internet. Sure enough, Sears was at the house and the repairman called me and quoted a $200 fix-it bill. We were in the car on the way to pick up our mail, but turned around to see what had to be done and see if it was worth it. By the time we got there, he had fixed it and only charged us the service call price. Nice guy.
Gary had his CAT scan Wednesday at 1 and his radiologist appt. at 3. We decided that if he needed radiation, we would move the coach closer to Sarasota to save wear and tear on the Jeep. So I did some research on RV parks around the area and made a list.

We stayed overnight Tuesday and drove to St. Armand’s Circle on Lido Key for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Tommy Bahamas. George was kind enough to take a photo of us enjoying our appetizers and Red Stripe and SeaBreeze.
We always have the appetizers only and always the same ones: I have the nut encrusted goat cheese with pineapple/mango chutney and Gary has the Loki Loki tuna (chopped asai tuna mixed with avocado) and flatbread. Delicious and priced right. We love sitting on the balcony, but knew at spring break time it would be packed (it’s only a bar with about 8 chairs overlooking the circle). So we planned going around 8:30 pm, and that was a good time. We got there and everyone on the balcony left at the same time! We had a lovely time together reminiscing about the early days in Sarasota when every day was a new discovery.

Wednesday morning we drove around visiting a few of the parks. Since the end of the winter season in Florida is April 1 and most of the snowbirds start heading north, the prices were still really high. Hmmmm. I’m hoping we don’t have to move.
Eleven o’clock and Gary had to drink his first ‘milkshake’ and 12 o’clock the second. I dropped him off at Florida Cancer Specialists for his scan and headed to Lenscrafters to pick up his lenses and our prescriptions for contacts. Boy, do I love my contacts. If I did not have them I would have to wear tri-focals to see. But the Bauch and Lomb Multifocals give me vision from two feet to about 50 yards so that I only have to wear regular readers to see close up. It’s so nice to see people clearly that are talking to me. Gary’s so lucky he only has to wear one and he can read and see the street signs far ahead when driving. They are a little costly, though, but so worth it. I used to carry three pairs of glasses around with me!

Anyway, Gary was done in an hour, so I picked him up and we drove over to the radiologist. His Dr. said he’d prefer not to do any more radiation in the areas affected. Serious eye problems could occur (which is what the Dr. in New Jersey said, too). These include dry eye, constant tearing and loss of vision. He suggested we go with a systemic treatment and called Gary’s oncologist right then to get her opinion. She made an appointment for him on Friday. So there we are. We thought the drugs would be a last resort, but his radiologist said we could always go back to radiation. But since it is popping up elsewhere as well, it was like putting patches on a cracking dam wall. Gary’s a little freaked out because it is something new. He’s had radiation treatments for a couple years and is comfortable with them. I, on the other hand, say he has thick skin and therefore the radiation isn’t getting down deep enough. Maybe working from the inside out will be better, and it works on all the spots at once. Logic, right? We’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

We drove home and had a drink with Donna and Ron explaining our time away, and then we split up for dinner. We were beat – all the stress, don'cha know. We had a little leftover chicken and relaxed in bed watching funny night. ABC’s lineup of The Middle, Modern Family and Mr. Sunshine.

Thursday dawned bright and breezy and we needed a Walmart run. Gary looked out the window and noticed this little guy.
Aha! The hole maker!
I was making dinner tonight for us and wanted to cook Polish Noodles. I might have mentioned in a previous post that I need a special noodle that only Winn Dixie carries. Well, fortunately, there was a TacoBell, Winn Dixie and Walmart right together in Haines City. Off we went. Got everything we needed and came home to write the blog.

Hope you enjoyed catching up with us and I’ll keep you informed of our future travels, trials and tribulations.

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